Sunday, June 26, 2011

[FanCam] HyunSaeng @ Inkigayo 06.26.11 by HSScandalk

Here's video from HSScandal from today's Inkigayo where Hyun Joong and Young Saeng did Twist King. Thanks to HSScandal for the capture ande for the upload in YT.

From the broadcast, we only saw Hyun Joong doing the shift gear step from 'Break Down' and Young Saeng the signature step from 'Let It Go'. But in this video shared by HSScandal, you could see both of them doing the signature steps of each other. Cute!


Kreza said...

Kudos to whoever took the video
it does capture moments not seen on TV.
I wonder how you got the shot. I remember when my friend and I watched Inkigayo in the studio, we did not even dare to bring out our camera and cellphone, too scared to be caught by security hehehe
Great job guys.

Anonymous said...

its really nice to see our boys together once in a while...
i cant help but feel happy about this, SS501 fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

really happy to see them together performing in the stage. you can see in their faces that they really enjoy the performance. their happy faces from the start up to the end both have a never ending smile and full of energy.

Hyung Joong and Young Saeng Daebak!!! Kudos for both of you!!

Hope that next time we see 5 of them in the stage.

SS501 Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

HJ pants like going to drop off anytime !

liezle said...

Hi 11:52! That's what I also thought especially Young Saeng when he seems to be holding on to his pants for some parts of their dancing. His overall seems a bit big for him. ^^


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezl! i also noticed that! HJL & YS for some parts of their dancing holding their pants it's like any moment it will fall. Did you also notice that HJL keep looking to YS in the later part before their breakdown and let it go move?

I really enjoy this performance.

Thanks Liezle for all the updates. :)

Anonymous said...

great fancam and thanks for sharing:)

from the vids seen and comments about their loose pants, i paid a VERY close attention on their pants and was feeling both anticipation^^ and apprehension...on mark 1:45 on KHJ and mark 1:54 on HYS..the former was wearing something dark and the latter was wearing a plaid under their loose pants

anyways, so much about that, i their stage at inki (A)

Anonymous said...

SS501 & Hyunsaeng manse~ <3