Monday, June 27, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong 'Break Down' Fan Signing @ Daejeon 06.27.11

There are three fan signing events for Hyun Joong this week. Starting today until the 29th of June, Hyun Joong will be busy giving autographs and warm smile at the following cities Daejeon (27th), Daegu (28th) and Busan (29th).

For today's fan signing, here's a set of photos from the shutterbug of Thanks to veggiedelight for the email.


Anonymous said...

wow. kim hyun joong ssi look so handsome in white. i just can move my sight away form him.
leader. so happy you are around us.
love you ......

Anonymous said...

Yes,keep on signing autographs and meeting your fans . That is a way to make the fans get to see you closer .

Cheers and keep the good health and spirit HJ!