Sunday, June 26, 2011

[FanCam] Young Saeng @ Inkigayo 06.26.11 by Madeleine

Young Saeng had a special stage today at Inkigayo's Summer Special with Hyun Joong. They did the cute Twist King to the delight of many fans. Here's video as captured by Madeleine and shared by Madeleine's official video uploader in YT, .

Inkigayo didn't much capture Young Saeng's smile, so I am very happy with this fancam. Love it whenever he bites his lower lip. ^^


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, my heart can't take it anymore. Saengie, why are you so cute and hot?! His smile... melting... His dance is awesome WOW. I'm totally happy to watch this^^ Thanks Liezle, really appreciate your posting.

Anonymous said...

don't take me wrong guys... but it seems to me YS is more relaxed and enjoying this stage here compared to his solo stage performances^^ is it because there is no pressure or is it because his co-member (HyunJoong) is sharing the stage with him^^

Nonetheless, his voice... his smile... his dance... are just surreal

thanks for sharing the vid^^ (A)

Anonymous said...

Hi 7:52am, I think it's also because this is a happy song and YS always put in the emotion in his singing and dancing! Hope that he can have such a happy dance song in his next album. Then we'll see his melting smile and dimples every time he performs - that would be a bliss!