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[Trans] Jung Min's Interview in 上海电视 (Shanghai Magazine)

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[Trans] Jung Min – 上海电视 (Shanghai Magazine) 2011 Issue 6D
Source: HMstar賢珉守護星
Shared By: MinLove
English Translations: Josie @ RoyalPJM (
Scanned by: No. 43 Park

Cheeky Boy Full of Mischief

Korean artiste are usually very well protected by their agency, when the crews are preparing the lightings at the hotel ballroom, Park JungMin was resting in the hotel room beside the ballroom.

Suddenly, one of the door was opened, a head appeared, smilingly said:” Hello, it’s been hard on you.” This is the person whom we will be interviewing later, SS501′s member going solo Park JungMin. Really such a mischievous person, even before the interview start, already leave such an impression.

There are still more mischief towards the end. During the interview, the reporter’s handphone rang, Park JungMin just grabbed the phone and took it over, started blabbering into the phone. Luckily the line was cut before he picked up the call, otherwise I cannot imagine what would have happen. The staff who are close to him also shake their head upon seeing what just happened, like seeing a naughty little brother, and said to the reporter:” don’t be scared, he loves to help other people answer phone calls…” Ah! what a weird habit is this!

Park JungMin admits that he himself is a Optimistic, Happy, Carefree person.” I am a little more lively then other people.” He says that this has to do with his childhood. When he was young, he lives in Seoul, but both his parents live in his hometown in the countryside, during the holidays he will follow his parents back to the countryside and live for a period of time. A harmonious family, close relationship between the siblings, carefree childhood all leading him to a world full of love, all the things he sees are filled with pretty colors.

Narcissist Pretty Boy Knows How To Enjoy

Park Jung Min has a elder sister, as his sister lived with their grandmother for a long period of time so she was very matured, takes good care of her brother, Park JungMin has always been well protected, being doted on, and also knows how to enjoy.

Whenever Park JungMin travels, like this time to Shanghai, will always bring along eyeshade and ear plug, like a little kid. He needs to be in a enclosed/quiet environment to be able to sleep soundly. He used to have more stuff in the past:” As an artiste we have very little time to rest, no time forus to waste, have to make sure that we fall asleep fast.”

He retained many memories when he was young, many childish factors. Not matured enough, but this is him, the unique one that fans loved.

Looking at his profile, the person he like most is himself, the movie that he like most is the one that he acted in, himself, himself, himself….” there is no word in Korean to describe Narcissism, but I still like myself.” Park JungMin is willing to continue to be a Narcissist, ” I feel if a person dosent love himself, how can he/she love other people properly?”

Like Shanghai Prefer Folk Rhyme

If you judge Park JungMin only on the surface as a Narcissist who only loved himself then you are terribly wrong. He who is always being taken care of, is also very good at taking care of other people. Previously when SS501 are still having group activies, he always have a big packet of medication in his bag, not prepared for himself, but for all the members. As members will tend to fall sick from time to time, but nobody will prepare that,so he “acts” as a little doctor.

Regarding his work, career, Park JungMin is very ambitious and willing to commit. Otherwise he will not risk to go solo.

He is the first amoung the SS501 members to go solo. Regarding his goingsolo, SS501 and his current agency, and SonyMusic all does not have an actual statement, but, he is already starting on his individual activities.

“Spent alot of effort to get used to working alone, but everyone please be assured, I am adjusting fine.” Park JungMin said. And the thing that touched him is, in the past was SS501 as a group visited Shanghai, and this time when he came alone, the amount of love he felt was no less then before. All the more he must thank the fans.

” I really like Shanghai.” He specially said. ” I like Shanghai even before I came here, because it is Shanghai.” Any reasons? Park JungMin uses song and dance to explain. “In Korea there is a folk rhyme call <>, I listened to it since young. Shanghai Shanghai….” Park JungMin started dancing.

Language Prodigy Not Afraid of Chinese

This trip to Shanghai is for his FanMeeting, thereafter will be releasing his solo album in Japan. Also anticipating is, his debut idol drama in Taiwan! Due to Chai Zhi Ping, this is imaginable.

Any problems with language? This is the one of the first and foremost test.

But actually for this problem, the reporter interviewing Park JungMin can also give you an answer. At the start of the Interview he said “Hello” in Chinese. At that time the reporter asked him a few questions, he basically can understand the questions, he also managed to answer them. The more complicated ones, speak slowly, he can also understand. After learning Chinese for just two months, with this results, it is really something. And, during the interview, although there is an interpreter, but whenever the reporter speaks in Chinese, he will still listen intently. Usually after the reporter finishes his/her question, before the interpreter can even translate to him, he already understand the question and answered. Awesome!

” Will be acting as a Korean who can speak both Korean and Chinese.” The staff said.

Previously Park JungMin once sang a Chinese song in China <<甜蜜蜜>>, accurate pronunciation, received good feedbacks. His language ability is inborn as well as putting in lots of efforts, in Korea he has a nickname of “Park Language”

“At that time I memorized all the lyrics.” Park JungMin confessed. But, he has been listening to his mother singing to <<甜蜜蜜>> since young, Korean version, so he is not unfamiliar to this song at all, he even sang a small part of the Korean version to the reporters.

Besides that, Park JungMin revealed many Chinese songs which he can sing: ” Zhang Guo Rong’s <<追>>, Guang Liang’s <<童话>>, Wei Li An’s <<有没有>>…” What? Wei Li An’s a newbie and his songs, he already can sing? Actually is due to the recommendation by the Taiwan staff around him, he liked it, so he learned it.

Just like when the Chinese Media asked him which chinese movie director he liked, he kept saying ” Wang Jia Wei, Chen Ke Xing”, actually, it’s the agency’s wish for him to act in the movie of these two directors, therefore taught him how to say it.

He is still young, didnt managed to catch onto the early 90s trend of HongKong and Taiwan entertainment wave, didnt have much idols when he was young. He didnt have much concept of the entertainment industry before he joined. Among the China artiste, he have the deepest impression on Tang Wei who won the Korean 百想艺术大奖 recently:” Looks cute, but, there is depth to her acting.” Park JungMin said.

“Which other china director’s movie do you think I can act in?” Park JungMin asked the reporter.

“Chen Kai Ge? He is more familiar with the Korean Culture, the promotion video for Seoul was filmed by him.” The reporter answered.

But another answer surfaced, its from the interaction with Park JungMin – such a sunshine and mischievous character, but at the same time also serious and workable ideas, Park JungMin should act in Steven Chow’s movies.

Park JungMin
More Mischievous cases

Describe yourself with an animal: Horse

Something you must do before you sleep: Put on eyeshades & earplugs and pray

Your forte that you will never lose to others: Having self-confidence without any reason

Stress Relieve Meathods: Laugh

Necessities in your bag: Eyeshade, Earplug, Handcream, many accessories, Medication and diary

Ideal type of girl: Smart, filial, able to accept my Coquetry (Ageyo)

Example of Ideal girl: Go So Young

The most handsome guy in your mind: Someone like my father

A habit you wanted to change: Thought of becoming less sensitive

Most Passionate/Interested thing: find wallet, online shopping, learn Japanese, learn chinese

3 wishes I hope can be fulfilled: 1) Be happy 2) Thankful heart 3) give me 3 more wishes


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