Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng's 'Rainy Heart' MV is out!

We've read that's it's been made into an MV. Now the MV is out! Check Young Saeng's 'Rainy Heart' MV with Park Chae Kyung in the official YT of B2M which is .

Do like the video and please DO NOT download and re-upload in any streaming sites including YT.

The MV is so good! Love the photographic images. Of course the song of Young Saeng is really great! Hope there will be follow up promotion for the album.


Anonymous said...

ys looks really good with this female co-star. cute video.

Anonymous said...

voice from heaven

and dimpled cheeks aigoo...pinch pinch pinch

Anonymous said...

his voice and his expression... eeeekkkkkk.... my heart skipped several heartbeats when YS back-gugged the girl, when he gave her s sweet peck on her forehead, when they were holding hands... I wonder how YoungSaeng as a boyfriend material... he seemed so natural in this MV plus good chemistry with her lady partner here....

Question: will YS be promoting this song in any music shows?

thanks for the vid (A)