Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Trans] U-Kiss Members Thoughts on Goong

This is the 2nd news that staff of Goong Japanese website released yesterday. I lifted this from rainaftershine's blog. Thanks much to g-ladys for the translation.


[Trans] U-Kiss appreciates the musical “Goong”
Credits: kissmeukiss + gung-japan @ brokore + propertyofkebin @ tumblr (translation) + g-ladys @ tumblr

Konnichiwa (Hello). This is a staff (of “Goong” musical).
Last week, K-POP group U-Kiss visited our back seats (sat at the last row of the seats meant for crew). They have given Goong Musical rave reviews which we will now introduce to you.

I enjoyed watching the Goong musical.
Every scene had a lot of fun parts, there were also moments where it was very touching.

It was really enjoyable.
I have been able to watch and enjoy both the drama and musical.

Firstly, thank you for extending the invitation to all our members (to watch the musical).
Interesting portions of the drama were also presented in the musical and it was very enjoyable to be able to watch it.
The singing of songs in the during the musical was also very good. Also, I hope to have a chance like this.

Though I have also watched the drama, I fel that there was actually a good difference.
The songs were good and the actors ability were very high.
Fantastic time spent.

It was awesomely enjoyable.
I felt the abilities of all the actors.
I have also watched the drama, yet again I discovered the charms (of Goong) and was very touched.

As the members were saying, it was really awesomely enjoyable, I was very touched.
We too, if we can do this kind of jobs, we will work hard with utmost effort.
Given this chance, we will really be very thankful.

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