Monday, June 20, 2011

[Trans] KyotoMinamiza Theatre is full of excitement every day because of 'Goong'

Alright, to start off, regarding the report about Kyu Jong extending his performances, I was told by lafone that there is no changes in the schedule so far. Kyu Jong is expected to perform the afternoon session until June 26. His substitute Run will continue to do Prince Shin until the 1st of July.

Now, let me share here the translation of one of the news posted in the website of Goong today. Heaps of thanks to lafone for doing this.

Have you read lafone's short thoughts about the musical. If you missed that you may click HERE. From her email to me today, she mentioned that the scenario is really good and that there are charming characters such as the official who takes care of Prince Shin and the grand-mother of the emperor. She also mentioned that after watching the musical you'd crave to watch it again. ^^ She also hopes that the musical will also be shown in Korea with Kyu Jong as the start so that he'll also be recognized in his country as a good musical actor. Well, lafone's wish is also my wish as well as the wish of many TS.


[Trans] KyotoMinamiza Theatre is full of excitement every day.
Source : Goong Japan Website
Japanese to English translation by lafone /

It is a fact that there was uncertainty among actors and actresses whether the Korean musical will be welcomed by Japanese audience or not at the beginning.
However, they now feel confident thanks to the warm and passionate response from the audience.

Kyu Jong said as follows:

I was surprised that the audience answered in Korean "Ne~~~ "(lafone : Yes) to the requests by Mr. Kwon official (lafone: an official who takes care of Prince Shin), he acted as a narrator of the story, chats something interesting on the stage, speaking some Japanese which brings the audience into an explosion of laugh.

He asked the audience at the very beginning of the musical not to take pictures, nor videos, etc. “not to do” things . We all answered “ Ne~~ agesumida” (lafone : Ye~~~~s, All right !”in Korean. )

I am also happy that all the casts worked hard to speak some Japanese which was well accepted and got good reaction and laugh from the audience. I also see green penlights on the occasion of curtain call, which made me really happy, knowing that the fans continue to support me. I really appreciate it. Though we have more number of performances left, but thanks to the energy we receive from the audience, we will work harder to make it much better.

Mr. Yujun, who acts as Jeong-Yul, Mr. Sun-yong (Chegyon) and others are very unique and charming as well. Especially, the rising horse is RUN, thanks to his singing ability, getting much popular now after his appearance in TV.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to give support to “Goong”

By staff of Kyoto Minamiza Theatre


Anonymous said...

liezle, any idea why a substitute will have to fill kyujong's role from 26th onwards? why cant kyujong do it until the 1st?

liezle said...

Hi 4:45. It is always like that in any musical. Actors have to rest their voice too. Since the beginning stage of Goong Kyu Jong has substitute. He doesn't go on stage everyday. About why only until 26th, i don't know the reason, probably B2M has another schedule for him.


ping0119 said...

"I also see green penlights on the occasion of curtain call, which made me really happy, knowing that the fans continue to support me."

yay Triple S ^^
we'll always support Kyu & SS501 <3