Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Trans] Additional Info on Hyung Jun's Birthday Party on Aug 3

I posted HERE last June 23 information on the Birthday Party of Hyung Jun that will happen on the exact date of his birthday.

Additional information was released yesterday and translated by xiaochu in Quainte501. Below is the translation. Thanks xiaochu!

Hope many would be able to attend this event. Show much love on Hyung Jun. ^_^

Btw, for overseas fans, I saw this posted on Twitter and you might want to check :



[trans] Additional Info for HyungJun’s 24th Birthday Party
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @



This is S-Plus Entertainment.

Celebrating Kim HyungJun’s 24th birthday on 3-Aug, we have arranged a meaningful time to spend with fans.

Date : 3-Aug-2011, 6.30pm

Venue : Yonsei University 100th Year Memorial Concert Hall

Ticket Price : 35,000 won

Program :
* Mini concert consisting of Kim HyungJun’s solo
* Kim HyungJun’s 24th Birthday Party
* Big Release of Behind The Scene Video which was well-hidden till date!
* HyungJun’s personal collection giveaway event
* High-Touch for everyone (After the event ends)

Ticketing will be opened on 30-Jun at 5pm. (No pre-sale prior to this)

We would like to apologise for the late notice.

Ticketing site :

We hope for lots of fans’ participation and attention.


Anonymous said...

JM will be in Japan that day......i wonder if any of the other SS501 member will show up to support their baby.

Anonymous said...

So will leader.Heard he has a pk fanmeeting on 2nd august in japan too.