Friday, June 24, 2011

06.22.11 S/Tweet Treats

Last Wednesday's tweets are here. Thanks again to xiaochu of Quainte501 for this treat. ^^


[Trans] 06.22.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please

2011-06-22 @ 3:07 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin [My Tweet Keyword] Noona, Woah, Hwaiting, Thanks, Cafe Bene, Hyung is, Movie, Long time, Really, Recently, Happy Birthday, Twitter, Germany, With noona, Apple, Daebak, YoungSaeng hyung, Head, Thanks, Hyung is, Let it, Ji Bin, Everyone, Ulsan, Came, Cannot be, Name, People, Follow, Everyday

2011-06-22 @ 5:26 PM
hangtenkorea 'Hangten Environmental Campaign Save The Earth - Environment Cafe with Kim HyunJoong' Event will be held on 27-Jun, Monday, from 11am at Itaewon Cafechu (, for about 2 hours.

2011-06-22 @ 5:28 PM
hangtenkorea Drink the refreshing coffee served by Kim HyunJoong personally and make a beautiful flower pot out of the 1-time use cup!! Entrance available for first 20~30 people.

2011-06-22 @ 7:21 PM
philshin76 HyunJoong's mini album has breakthrough 10,000 copies. I would like to thank you to fans once again!

2011-06-22 @ 9:09 PM
sonsyoung Heo YoungSaeng who is cheering at Kim HyunJoong's interview ^^ Ouu Fallen for him!!!!! - kbs freedom declaration Saturday secret

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