Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng in Arirang Pop Star Talk 06.18.11

Heaps of thanks to for uploading this another interesting interview of Young Saeng this time from Arirang Pop Star Talk.

Can't get enough of Young Saeng. This fellow, where has he been over the years? I seemed to have missed a lot.^_^ The mysterious guy charm at work. But right now as a solo artist I want Young Saeng to slowly unveil to us his hidden charm. ^^

Watch this almost 19 minutes of of Young Saeng in Pop Star Talk and get charmed once again.

Btw, next week there will be another interview on Young Saeng this time in Arirang Pops. kpopulous tweeted earlier that their team is interviewing him today.


Anonymous said...

He just went "eung?" when the MC says he's going to read ALL the fan messages after the show, HaHaHa

Don't be so lazy, saengie-ah

Chara said...

Fits what he said here, doens't it? ^_^'

"ah!! And one more thing!!!!
Some were saying I didn't write messages in official homepage...
Who said to me..
that fans are trainers.....................
You would be undergoing training...^^"

Anonymous said...

saengie ah u r so cute

Anonymous said...

Love him!!!! So cute. Wish to see more of him too.