Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng @ Arirang Kpopulous 06.30.11

Last week Young Saeng had an interview recording for Arirang. The segment of Young Saeng's interview was shown today at Arirang Kpopulous. His the interview recorded by rmdkdl and uploaded by on her YT channel.

Heaps of thanks to veggiedelight for the email.

Photos from Arirang TV. These were taken during the interview.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy watching YS interview as I get to know him more, then love him more^^ This seems to be a quite a professional program about music and suits him well. Thanks Lieliz.

Anonymous said...

He is not shy anymore.Great improvement from before.All members are progressing well.Amen

Anonymous said...

They've all grown up so much since they went solo. Compared to now, they looked like little boys during their Asia tour days! Seems like there's still much more to come from them before their promised reunion. I can't wait to see how a grown up SS501 will look like.

kelly said...

The artistes that get interviewed for kpopulous are being selected by 7 professionals. Too bad, they did not mentioned how the selection was done. Every interview YS did always reveal a bit more about him.