Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[FanCam] Young Saeng @ JungJiChan's WITH YOU 06.20.11

Young Saeng tweeted yesterday that activities for 'Let It Go' is over but he still has an activity Monday and that he will sing ballad. That activity happens to be recording for JungJiChan's WITH YOU.

Yesterday as tweeted Young Saeng was at the recording of Jungjichan's WITH YOU. And as everyone guessed he sang 'Rainy Heart'.

Here are fancam from rmdkdl of Young Saeng singing 'Rainy Heart'. Thanks to for sharing on YT. Of thanks much to rmdkdl for the fancam.

This one is another fancam of YS singing to HOT's 'Blessing'.

Heres another vid (full) of 'Rainy Heart' from the YT of . Thanks!


Anonymous said...

liezle, i always wonder why the koreans have comeback stage and goodbye stage. its like they only promote their album for a month or so only, then they have their goodbye stage. but i read its becoz they can't possibly be going on radios/tvs to sing the same songs again and again. which makes me wonder, in such a competitive entertainment industry like korea, do they have to come up with a new album once every few mths??

liezle said...

Hi Anonymous above. Hope this would help...

source : Hardcore Kpopper

The artist cycle usually goes like this:
Debut - you know what this means, when they first debut, duh. They debut with a "debut track" and promote that for a while, then they have a "goodbye stage"

Comeback - when they "come back", after a while of not being in the kpop music scene (for various reasons, their members may have solo activities, they may be promoting overseas, they may be preparing for their new album, etc etc), they have a "comeback stage" promoting a new song and possibly a new album. Yeah, most of the time it's a new album.

And then they have another "goodbye stage", and then another "comeback", and so on and so on.

Sometimes they may have "follow up tracks" which is like...not really a comeback, but a follo-through to the song that they promoted during their comeback.

for your last question, sometimes not every few months. some artists are in hiatus for a long time and make a comeback.