Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[Trans] Kyu Jong's Message on His Webby 06.29.11

Simple message from Kyu Jong that i think is full of sincerity and love. And while reading this , i can feel that he's excited about something.

Much thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for sharing this on their forum.


[Trans] KyuJong, ‘let me be the one !!! ^^'
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Hello hello~~ It has been a long time!!

I am, I am KyuJong who finished and returned from musical Goong in Minamiza Theatre, Kyoto, Japan!!! Heehee

Yoohoo!! Because of everyone who gave a lot of support, I completed it nicely and returned~

To the many fans who came to watch the musical and many of you who gave me supporting messages..

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart..^^

Hmm hmm!! Today is a rainy day~~

What is everyone doing on a rainy day?!~

For me, I was sleeping late which I haven’t done for a long time, rubbing my eyes and woke up, doing this and that and making up my room,

And sat in front of my computer like this!!~~

I am curious if everyone is doing well^^ I miss you too... I must get down to preparation in order to meet with pretties soon!!

Hmm hmm!! Now that I am back in Korea!! I will be preparing in order to take the wonderful step in the future^^

And so pretties too, do your best and work hard everyday till we meet again, when we meet~~

Let’s have great fun!! You understand?^^

Hehe~~ hmm hmm!! Somehow I feel (heart) fluttering yet nervous?~!! So exciting~~~

Time flies really fast isn’t it?! July is coming very soon..!!

Hmm there is such a saying!!!

You will delay but time will not. –Benjamin Franklin-

^^!! Time is money and like the money, we should spend each and every day, every minute every second with a smile~~

Rather than not doing anything ^^ Watch TV and laugh, read book and laugh, talk on phone with a friend and laugh!!

I think it is like really the best in times when you’re laughing, isn’t it>!?^^

Aja ajaaaa~~ Everyone, fighting today too with a smile!!^^

I will start my day today too for the other beginning that I am facing!!~~

For the sake of smiling together!! For that day~~ Goooooo~~~~~~~~



Anonymous said...

so happy to hear from Kyu!
totaly agree with you liezle I think he is excited about somthing...
what can we expect in July??


Poshdrive said...

Wanna say this again, he is really someone with high EQ...

He's excited and I'm excited for him too!

He will be successful, he will be...^^

Anonymous said...

Love you oppa...

we will wait and see your success..
Kim Kyu Jong Fighting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww doctor kyu just gave me the best medicine ever.Laugh everyday and dont stay idle and do nothing.When i miss SS501 i look up their debut days in youtube especially the hyunderella segment and laughs a lot.

Thank you kyujong you are such a dear.

Anonymous said...

i am happy for the success of his musical ^^

from the looks of it, Kyu is excited and nervous because he is preparing for ______? whatever the blank is, i am looking forward to it..

he works hard, he's sincere and humble and true, he deserves our love and support, right TripleS? (A)

etet said...

ohhhhh... love the way he's playing a man of "mystery"...wonder what he's up to?
Kyu you are such a 'tease' by keeping us in the dark....

we are "smiling" with you, together... Fighting!

ping0119 said...

ah, now i know the blank is his solo debut! :D

he is really sweet to always leave messages to Triple S and reminds me to hold on my faith for their comeback :) off to watch SS501 old vids~~