Friday, June 24, 2011

[Full Vid] Happy Together 06.23.11

Heaps of thanks to alwaysn4everSS501 for emailing the link to 's YT channel.

Have a good laugh watching the dorkiness of Hyun Joong and Young Saeng.


Chara said...

That's what I hoped to find, when I came here.^^
Liezle you never disappoint me. :-) Thanks for your hard work and posting all this stuff!

Will enjoy watching the full show. I laughed a lot yesterday with the YS cuts only. THX

Anonymous said...

Did they cut out the part where young saeng was talking about the fart? ^^

Anonymous said...

such a joy to watch khj on a variety show! happy, happy days these days as we can see him often....hope he takes good care of his health too. always worried about too much work of him.

Anonymous said...

liezle why i can not play the videos T_T