Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong's Dark Circles

Much thanks once again to wonderrrgirl's Wonderland blog for sharing another translation.

Hee, I thought media wouldn't notice but they did.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s dark circles revealed amidst crazily good looks

Source: TV Report
Translation: Wonderrrgirl

Solo singer Kim Hyun Joong’s revealing dark circles have caused fans much worry and concern.

On the 27th, Kim Hyun Joong had an one-day barisa transformation event at a cafe in Hannam-dong, in which he met with his fans. This is for an event organized by casual clothing brand Hangten ‘Save The Earth’ Natural Environment campaign, where their model Kim Hyun Joong personally made drinks for the fans.

Dressed neatly in a white shirt and innerwear, Kim Hyun Joong’s busy and exhausting schedule and the toll it’s taking on his body was clearly revealed on his face. Especially how the dark circles under his eyes can be seen visably despite his smooth skin.

Kim Hyun Joong, whom despite receiving recognition for looks that are prettier than a girl’s, it is regrettable to find a trace of flaw such as his dark eye circles on his face.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album ‘Breakdown’ sales has crossed 110,000 copies, making it a record as the only solo artist this year to have done so.


Anonymous said...

Lucky thing that hyunjoong is an honest person.He did admit that one of his complex is his eyebags.Tsk tsk media is always on the lookout for news to sell.

Dont worry hyunjoong even if your face bloats we will still adore you because you are special one and only.

Anonymous said...

My my, and it becomes NEWS. Poor Leader and his over the top popularity.

I hope he rests well and takes good care of this body.

Anonymous said...

he still handsome with that eye panda..kekkeek

but all of your fans know it coz you are honest man..you tell it..

take care yoursekf oppa...

MaLee said...

hermmm... he's always had dark circles under his eyes. That's what he doesn't like about his face... So what? lol. He's still a great man outside his looks. :D

Nonetheless... more articles... more popularity for Hyun Joong-ssi. :D

Fans don't be worrying... Just encourage him more. He likes overworking so don't worry about him for that. (Even though it's woman intuition to worry and care... let's like him for the same things he likes about himself~)Just encourage him to keep doing his best. He knows himself best so when he needs rest, he'll make sure he does. He won't disappoint his fans. HIMNAE~~~

Anonymous said...

Eyebag doesn't matter to fans as he's one & only special being on earth.