Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong's Message to his fans in the Philippines

Hyun Joong's album will be released in the Philippines and with that POLYEAST RECORDS PHILIPPINES has released a video message of Hyun Joong for his fans in the Philippines.

Much thanks to and to veggiedelight for the tip.

Hyun Joong made an effort to speak in English. Go check this video out. Hey, and he said see you soon. ^_^


Anonymous said...

im so happy to hear that!! i pre-ordered 2 breakdown album! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow! i'm happy to hear that. hope that hyun joong and youngsaeng will go together in Philippines to promote their album. I'm sure it's a big event.

Kim Hyun Joong Fighting!!!!

Heo Youngsaeng Fighting!!!!

Good luck for both of you for your asia tours.

Anonymous said...

super agree with what Anon 10:48 said :-)

Anonymous said...

whooh! he said "Hyun Joong Kim"? hehe

see you soon too "hyun joong kim":-)

Anonymous said...

his english had improved! so cute the way he speaks! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hyun joong kim!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't help smiling hehehe
Yeah...see you soon Hyun Joong Kim :)