Wednesday, July 13, 2011

07.08.11 S/Tweet Treats

After a long time Jung Min finally make his presence felt last Friday with one tweet. Check the translation below by xiaochu posted on Quainte501.


[Trans] 07.08.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-07-08 @ 1:02 AM
mystyle1103 @zerotic0124 I know~^^

2011-07-08 @ 1:18 AM
zerotic0124 @mystyle1103 keke What are you doing?

2011-07-08 @ 5:45 PM
Steven_Lee_ And Thank you all in Japan too!! Article "Kim Hyun Joong overtakes Lady Gaga in Japan!"

2011-07-08 @ 5:40 PM
Steven_Lee_ Thank you Philippine! I just checked this chart smile.gif NO.1!
user posted image

2011-07-08 @ 7:15 PM
seanalexander23 Thank you Japan! smile.gif Article "Kim Hyun Joong overtakes Lady Gaga in Japan!"

2011-07-08 @ 7:17 PM
seanalexander23 Thank you Philippines! smile.gif Kim Hyun Joong #1 beating out Selena, Bruno, Beyonce, & All Time Low. I had 3 songs on it :)

2011-07-08 @ 7:18 PM
seanalexander23 @Steven_Lee_ wooooooooooo!!! thank you for everything Steven! yayy

2011-07-08 @ 7:34 PM
Steven_Lee_ @seanalexander23 ur welcome haha let's do some more!

2011-07-08 @ 9:28 PM
Steven_Lee_ And I can't miss Taiwan... thank you so much! Two albums I worked on are ranked no.1 and no.2 this week smile.gif

2011-07-08 @ 10:36 PM
JungMin0403 Euhahaha! Heard a sound of something dropping when I got off the car and found out that it's my handphone TT TT The car was coming~ I wanted to stop (the car) and pick it up but it was coming too fast so I had to wait and my handphone was ran over TT TT Sayonara!!! Mollae mollae! Thanks to you, I will be a freeman for the time being!^_^*


Anonymous said...

poor JM.. i miss them so much!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused,,few days ago i checked Min's twitter,,i saw he has 0 friends,,he didnt unfollow his friends right???what happen??
And just now i checked,,there's no info about his followers,friends and ammount of updates..or is it just my phone that trolling?? D:

Anonymous said...

Typical jungmin ..always careless taking care of his phone:)