Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng in COLOR Magazine July Issue

Thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for translating this article from COLOR. Interesting interview and Young Saenge seems a bit talkative here.


[Trans]] COLOR Magazine – Jul 2011
Credits : Scans by annieyang + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Heo YoungSaeng Yearnings~ that cannot be suppressed!

Everyone must have been missing Heo YoungSaeng! He returned to the scene recently, and released his very first mini album ‘Let It Go’ as a solo singer, not only has he changed his image, he also sang songs which are of different genre from the past, bringing a whole new image to his fans. Our reporter in Korea, Michelle, had a private interview with him, giving everyone the most updated news about Heo YoungSaeng.

Q1. How do you feel after starting your activities as a solo singer? What are the differences as compared to when you have group activities as SS501?
A : In the beginning, I was very happy to see my own name ‘Heo YoungSaeng’ being printed on the album. However, since I’m not having activities with 5 members like during SS501 times, I have to handle everything on my own, naturally I have to undertake all the stress, so it is more tiring as compared to before, I feel like I am walking with difficulties alone.

Q2. Please introduce your album to Taiwan fans, and tell us which is your favorite song?
A : Overall, this album gives off the feeling of ‘Transformation of image’, I hope to give fans a whole new Heo YoungSaeng. Personally, I like ‘Out The Club’ from this album, because I like the title of this song very much, it is also the song that I likes to sing.

Q3. If you have a chance, do you wish to have a concert in Taiwan? If you are here on holliday, where would you like to go most? What would you like to eat most?
A : If I had a chance, I hope that I can have a concert in Taiwan, I really hope so! I sang mostly ballad songs during the concert in Taiwan last time. As compared to the other members of SS501 who sing more lively and energetic songs, I usually sing ballad songs, which seems like it is not being favored by fans as much. Next time when I go to Taiwan for concert, I will sing more energetic and rock songs, so I hope I can intergrate into the audience and play together with them. As to what I want to eat? I remember when I went to Taiwan as SS501, I ate steamed dimsum, drank bubble tea. If I go Taiwan again, I hope to eat more local delicacies, I am curious why Taiwan’s food culture is so rich? Because when I ate Chinese food in America, I feel that their cooking method is different, seems like the good in Taiwan are more delicious. I hope to go to Taiwan to find out the answer. If time permits, I want to find a place to relax, to take a good rest, eat some delicious food, and buy some things that I like.

Q4. Have you thought about acting in movies or dramas? What type of movie/drama and what roles do you want to act in?
A : I really want to act as the Hallyu star in drama ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is also very interesting, it would have feel good to act in such interesting dramas. I also want to try to interesting roles like Nishikado or Domyozi in ‘Hana Yori Dango’. If I have a chance, I wish to act in Taiwanese dramas too.

Q5. Debuting as a solo singer this time, you must have been very stressed? How do you overcome these stresses?
A : Haha! I overcome stresses by eating spicy food, because I will perspire a lot after eating these spicy food, so the heat from the body will also be eliminated and have more vitality, thus having a feeling of overcoming the stresses. Or I will go KTV with my friends, emerged in the atmosphere there, be it singing ballad , hitting high notes, singing lively songs or rock songs, the feeling of being around with friends is very good, this is also a good way to overcome the stresses.


mrsheo said...

thanks for the posting the news lizle...i've been missing him so much since there is no news about him lately...thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

so glad that you posting this post liezle..hehe juz like mrsheo i also have been missing him lately..this post really have made my day

Anonymous said...

Same here... miss him VERY MUCH!Eagerly waiting for his new album, showcase, fan meeting, overseas promotion, concerts, drama..... Love Saengie forever^^

Anonymous said...

I've always had a soft spot for Young Saeng because of Hyun Joong (they seem close) but since his solo, I'm liking him more and more. I love his song I'm Broken. Wish him the best!!!

Anonymous said...

I find that the more we know YS, we love him more and more ("unstoppable"!). Before we may not know much about him, now he's on solo and we can see many sides of him, especially at the Rainy Heart MV, how he as a boyfriend interacts with girfriend^^. He is such a witty, intelligent, honest, sentimental and appreciative guy!