Monday, July 04, 2011

[Notice from KeyEast] Opening of

Much thanks to xiaochu for doing the translation of this on Quainte501.


[Info] Kim HyunJoong, Details about HENECIA.COM Opening
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Kim HyunJoong, Details about HENECIA.COM Opening

This is Henecia Management Team.

When the rainy season stops, there will be a severe heat wave.
We hope that all Henecia members can stay healthy even in the severe heat wave.

Finally we are delivering news that Henecia members have been waiting for. will be available for everyone on 11-July-2011.

Before its official opening, we are planning to open application for ‘regular member’ aimed at Henecia members from 4-July-2011 onwards.

Besides [Notice] , [Staff Notice], we will advise the possibility of use of the other menu after we have approved the regular members on 11-July.
Through, we will deliver various news about Kim HyunJoong more quickly, and we will work hard to make a portal for smooth communication together with all the fans.

We would like to remind you that is only available for fan club member to use for 1 year,
For more details, please check it out at

Thank you.

* Due to the current settings, you will not be able access the website smoothly. It should be available in about 20 minutes. We seek for your understanding.

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