Friday, July 01, 2011

[Trans] Young Saeng Named Two Idols w/ Best Vocal

Much thanks to Slam for sharing this translation on her blog. Hee, I still have to see the broadcast of Mnet's Beatles Code. ^^ I will be posting the link where to watch later.


[News] Heo Young Saeng Said, "Among all the idols, YoSeob and JongHyun voices are the best."

Source: 韩网
Chinese Trans: 0317 @HeoYoungSaeng Baidu Bar
English Trans:
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SS501 solo member singer Heo Young Saeng spoke highly of BEAST YoSeob and SHINEE JongHyun singing voices.

On the broadcast of TV Mnet Beatles Code on 30 jun Heo Young Saeng who was one of the guest prove his theory.

On the day, the MC ask a very sensitive question to Heo Young Saeng, "Recently interview programs are becoming popular, have you ever think that, among all the idols does your performance as a "singer" is already considered good?" With that Heo Young Saeng answered, "No, it is not like that, already have a lot of good friends, my singing ability is still not good enough."

Furthermore, on that day of broadcast, Heo Young Saeng admitted dated a female artiste during the beginning of his debut attracted people's attention.

When being asked among all the idol singers whose singing ability is the best and on giving them marks, Heo Young Saeng replied, "BEAST's YoSeob is the outstanding one. SHINEE's JongHyun is also not bad." The MC asked, "As you are within the five?" Heo Young Saeng replied, "In that case is just fine." He still remain modest throughout the whole show.


czakhareina said...

its not only hyunjoong who dated an artist but also youngsaeng.
now i am curious. who are these celebrity GFs of my boys. I wish someone uncovers this and well not really goinna hate those girls, just wanna know what kind of dates they went to, I am super curious...

and so glad wuri prince is more and more open and sharing secrets. I think this is one of the advantage of having them sign in to different companies and pursue solo careers (for the mean time).


sinthia said...

well... I don't think so... there are others better like Daniel and JiSu or Soul J and Sang woo... hummm maybe I must consider only those very famous like good singers xDDDD

Anonymous said...

yeah, there are lots more much better singers than the ones YS named.

Anonymous said...

i think i might know one of youngsaeng's gf! Lee Hyun Ji who also dated eunhyuk from suju. She featured in Onew (Shinee) "Vanilla Love". I forgot what group she was in but she appeared in variety shows as well.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7.51

Its that true,.?
I saw Happy Together,..enhyuk said that his girlfriend send the wrong massage to her ex-boyfriend..but she send it to enhyuk...

DeeDee2023 said...

@7:17 am - I agree. Namely Young Saeng is one of the best singers along with Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, Young Saeng's group mates Hyung Jun and Jung Min, and also Rain, Lee Seung Gi, MBLAQ's G.O, and Tim. Of course, this is just my opinion and my own preference in who's voices I like the best. I'm sure there are many more great ones out there. The voices out of this group I named that affects me the most are Kyuhyun, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun, Ryeowook, Jung Min, Rain and G.O. (in that exact order). And I also like Hyun Joong's voice, Kyu Jong's voice, SJ's Siwon's voice, and ex-U-KISS member Alexander's voice very much too.

Anonymous said...

i also would like to include to YS list of idols with good voices and can do solos like Hyorin of Sistah, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu of JYJ, the short member who is stocky but has good voice in 2AM, the blond-dyed lady in f(x), Heo Young Saeng-Kim Hyung Jun-Park Jung Min of SS501