Tuesday, July 05, 2011

[Vids & Pix] Hyun Joong Loves Kids

I have seen quite a lot of vids and pix of Hyun Joong at the Busan & Incheon fan signing last events and I cannot help but notice that there were a lot of kids at the events. Here's one particular video from hyunsaengchina.com taken at Incheon wherein they've captured boys and girls queuing as well to get to see Hyun Joong and have his autograph.

Hee, whenever he pats someone's head I keep on thinking that he's like an old man. ^^

Here are photos from noblekhj at Busan with a little girl giving her oppa a 'heart'. ^^

To see more photos from noblekhj, you may click HERE.


Anonymous said...

he is such a sweetie pie ^^ how to resist someone like this!

Anonymous said...

How about St. Hyun Joong -giving blessings instead of old man?

Hyun Joong is very popular with babies and kids because children like persons with warm smiles and pleasant faces (well ,who wouldn't ?). Do you also know that on of the early guitar piece of Hyun Joong is that of a kids'piano number only he played it very fast. I heard it again on a baby gadget manufactured by a well known brand that can be attached to the cot. At first I was puzzled why would HJ's piece be included here -no wonder kids have instant affinity with him .Then I realized it was HJ who borrowed it -of course mothers who like HJ have early on exposed their children to oppa's pictures and songs.