Thursday, July 07, 2011

Young Saeng & Kyu Jong Official Japanese Webby Pix & Messages

Saw this earlier tweeted but couldn't post because I got tied up with work. I just had this post parked in my draft box and just waiting for the publish button to be clicked. Now that I've the time, I am sharing this with you though I know that it's sort of late already. ^^

Much thanks to rainaftershine's tweet and translation on her blog.


Japanese to Chinese translation: @love2kjdream
English translation:

Here's translation of Young Saeng's message :

Good afternoon everyone!
The Japan Official Fanclub whom everyone have been waiting for is officially opened!
This is a secret space between me and you (fans)!
Please come by to play whenever you are free!

Click HERE to go to Young Saeng's Japanese website

And here's Kyu Jong message translation:

Good afternoon everyone! I am Kyu Jong.
Japan Official Fanclub is finally opened!
I am thankful for your support and love!
Let’s create a never ending story and walk down together~!


Click HERE to go to Kyu Jong's Japanese website.


Anonymous said...

i lllooovvve the pictures.. so funny, so true... so them ^^

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Melting with Saengie's dimples and sweet sweet smile^^ Professor Heo, why teasing your fans like this... how can we not fall on you ...