Friday, June 01, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng's Charm & Power Singing in his Comeback

Have you already seen Young Saeng's comeback stage in Music Bank?  Well, if you still have not, do click HERE and watch as Young Saeng shows you his charisma and power singing.

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[News] Heo Young Saeng Comeback Sexy Charisma vs Sexy voice, Sensual Voice, Distinctive Charm, Stirring Women's Hearts
Source: newsen
Chinese Trans: 王小卯 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10@StylishHYS
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Heo Young Saeng had his 1st comeback on Music Bank.

On 1 Jun KBS 2TV Music Bank, Heo Young Saeng performed 2 songs "Intimidated" and his title track "Crying". During his short performance for Intimidated, Heo Young Saeng strong dance displayed his masculine charisma charms.

Title track "Crying" is a song which brings out Heo Young Saeng sensual voice. Heo Young Saeng showed the strength of his live singing and emotions all combined into one in front of everyone. Further more thru the comeback stage, his mature expressive performance attracted people's attention.

In the mini-album "SOLO", Heo Young Saeng not only get involved in the design, planning, concept,even the composition of lyrics, recording, Heo Young Saeng were all handled by him. Thus the name Heo Young Saeng as a Co-producer has appeared on his album.


Anonymous said...

Which place did YS got?

danz said...

i heard fans singing along and screaming because YS oppa is so smexy..i hope he will win this time.. :)

Cinzia Bacilieri said...

I couldn't be more proud of being his fan ~~~ he was totally A M A Z I N G.

Anonymous said...

Why on 28th place?

Anonymous said...

He is in second place^^

Anonymous said...

He is in second place^^

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with this article and I love what it said!!! I'm too happy and excited after seeing his stunning performance. Thanks Saengie, totally proud of you^^