Friday, June 01, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng Comeback Stage in 'Music Bank' 06.01.12

The much awaited comeback stage of Young Saeng finally came via Music Bank today. Young Saeng performed on stage 'Intimidated' and 'Crying'.

Here is the video from the said show from the upload of in her YouTube channel.  Much thanks!

Here are photos of Young Saeng from KBS 推特 which I got from the post of 00lanse in Baidu.

Btw, look who came to support Young Saeng on his comeback stage. It's no less than Kyu Jong. Here are photos of Kyu Jong lifted from Baidu as well.

courtesy of stop1124 推特

courtesy of ERRYssYS 推特

courtesy of Sarah_Taiwan501 推特


kelly said...

A day of happenings. I am sure many of us have mixed feelings. Happy to see the boys been sure of what they want to do. A good comeback stage and a loyal friend who is always there. How much they are going to miss each other. All the best, YS and KJ!

And thanks Liezle.

Anonymous said...

Before i go on my rambling let me just say its nonsense and just my imagination cause i hate to see sadness

Kyujong:hyung im enlisting in July

Hyunseang:whY??Do you like the army so much than the stage light?

Kyujong:No... because hyung is older im giving way for hyung to do activities first besides younseang hyung needs to pick up more events the bosses are counting on him and i look the closest to hyunjoong hyung so when hyunjoong hyung go into army i could substitute for hyung when i come back.Arent we the three musketeer?


Kyujong:Hyunjoong hyung could you spare me alot of that faceshop whitening cream that you have at home my skin is darker than yours...i could do you a favour by appearing more in public for tripleSSS sake while you are absent

Hyunjoong:Arasoo...kyujong dongseang kamsahamida you are forever kind and considerate..fighting

Its six in the morning im just imagining or was i dreaming..

Anonymous said...

Aww,this kyusaeng couple..surely ys will feel different without kyu..and ys will be the only male artist in b2m..already miss kyu so much

Anonymous said...

Wow what a stunning performance and I love it very much! Thanks Saengie and keep fighting! Please support YS by voting at MNET Global.