Monday, June 04, 2012

[Pix & Vid] Jung Min at ThanKYU with TripleS 06.03.12

It has been a wonderful Sunday for all Triple S as members of SS501 gathered together to be part of Kyu Jong fan meeting at Yonsei University Auditorium. The efforts made by SS501 members to be be to part of Kyu Jong's ThanKYU Triple S fan meeting is something that Triple S will hold to keep believing and have faith.

Amongst the members of SS501 who attended the fan meeting, Jung Min was the first one to arrive and the last to leave. When he arrived my timeline just keep on jumping.  When the rest of the members started to arrive my timeline just went crazy.

As everyone would probably have known what happened at the fan meeting, I will not be giving bullets of highlights from start to finish but will just write whatever comes to my mind in any of the posts related to the fan meeting. But as for this post, I will focus a bit more on Jung Min.

Inside the auditorium, Jung Min was seen seated at the back together with Hyung Jun.

As the all members went up to the stage to greet Kyu Jong, Jung Min stayed behind and just watched at the sideline.

thanks to @honeyeee for the tweet credit as tagged

thanks to @honeyeee for the tweet credit as tagged

thanks to @honeyeee for the tweet credit as tagged

thanks to @honeyeee for the tweet credit as tagged

I read in one tweets that Hyung Jun said that Jung Min doesn't want to go on stage because he's not feeling well.  Despite Jung Min not feeling well, he stayed at the fan meeting until the end.

Also from the many tweets, it was said that when Kyu Jong was singing, Jung Min appeared on the right side of the audience waving together with them. There was an instance when fans asked Kyu Jong for a promise for SS501 as Jung Min was on the sideline, Kyu Jong looked at Jung Min and both made a pinky promise.

photos credit as tagged

Hyun Joong also stayed (despite looking so tired after 2 fan meetings in China) for a while after the members have gone on stage.  Fans saw him standing at the back door.

Amongst the member it was Young Saeng who left first because he still has to promote his 'Solo' mini album in a radio show.  (It was tweeted that Young Saeng talked about SS501 members at the radio show and that he also mentioned that SS501 has not disbanded. You may listen to the audio HERE though in hangul).

There is an unconfirmed report that all will be going out tonight.  Let's all hope that this is true though. 

Here are  photos of Jung Min (who seems to be more skinnier) leaving the venue of the fan meeting courtesy of No.43 Park that I lifted from Baidu.

Here another set from TaoTao [Taotao萄萄(***aotao)].

And you may CLICK HERE to watch a video of Jung Min leaving the venue again courtesy of No.43 Park. Thanks to @501Wangja for the tip in Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I saw the bandage in the photo earlier in another blog elsewhere, when Jung Min didn't go on stage, my heart sank,I was worried that it has sometime to do with his absence from the stage. I hope he is recovering well.

Anonymous said...

i am really touch by our boys..really appreciate for what they did..dear our leader,prince,center,mal and maknae...thanKYU for giving us this beautiful memories :)
and,PLEASE,take care of urself and be healthy ^^

Anonymous said...

jungmin...why do you have to cover the lovebite that you have with bandage? hehehe *kidding* ^_^ miss him soo much..finally able to see him.. take care oppa. love ya.

daydeq said...

tq ALLAH...finally my hope be come true...they made a promise again n stay believe cause they a SS501..i'm so happy..i'm dying..waiting for a more pic

Anonymous said...

i am so so happy right now...... can't express how happy am i.... keke.. thank so much to leader HJ, prince YS, sexy JM and our baby HJ for making all TS wish come true.. i am still doubt it will happen cos of all their busy schedule... leader rush form airport to there.. Saengie went there before radio show... i am so touched by their effort... that's SS501.... they try to make it whenever they can.... just sometime not possible for all... but yesterday they showed they are SS501 as ever.... komawa uri SS501..... TS celebration yesterday!! i am still celebrating now too...hahahhaha... SS501 Hwaiting!! not worry TS.... we just believe in SS501 what other say....^^

Anonymous said...

I ask myself, what TriplS will react if Leader handled the same like JM: not go to stage?
Many of TripS always blame Leader if any other members have issues.
Poor Leader.

Anonymous said...

why would leader not go on stage??
if he had the same problem as jung min, we triple s would understand..and by coming to the event alone is just enough..but he and keyeast are doing well unlike jung min with CNR..damn you CNR!! because of you jungmin cant go on stage and we cant see our five lovely boys on stage..but neverthelesss..he is actually there and ss501 reunited!!! the best day ever!!!

ritatamii said...

Kim Hyun Joong is so tired after his fan meeting. and jung min not feel so well. but they still coming to saw our Kyu Jong. I'm so happy till I don't know how to tell my feel! But, I'm really in happy :)