Sunday, June 03, 2012

[Pix & Vid] ThanKYU with TripleS Pix from Prettyboy 06.03.12

Prettyboy  uploaded some of the photos and video taken at Kyu Jong's fan meeting at Yonsei University Auditorium.

Hyung Jun seems to have attended the fan meeting with no make up (or little make up).  When on stage, fans were actually requesting him to remove the cap he's wearing. But fans didn't get lucky.

Here are photos from the shutterbug of Prettyboy.

The flowers that Hyung Jun sent to Kyu Jong with a message
'Your friend Forever'

When Hyung Jun was giving his well wishes for Kyu Jong,
the latter was holding back his tears, Hyung Jun then
patted Kyu Jong's back

This was probably the time when after introducing themselves
one by one  in unison they said "We are SS501!"

Here is the video lifted from 's YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

omg i wanted to cry when i read what baby wrote on the flower banner. it says 'your friend forever', such bond they have!! they're the most amazing boys out there <3

kelly said...

KJ is such a warm person and a warm person will gain sincere friendship. Such a special day for TripleS. For all the fans who love them, it is a memorable moment. Trying so hard not to miss them as a group but looks like it is really difficult.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all the members of SS501 for making Triple S' wish come true even if it was for such a short while.
TS President Kyu always has our back ^_^

Anonymous said...

just watch their old videos in youtube last nite, and now I'm grinning like mad reading this news. it seems like a dream. like everyone else, hope KJ feels happy today, he's the glue of SS501. he's really the center.

ritatamii said...

I still can't believe it. this is true or not. this is dream or not. but i see in all page, all fanbase. Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun. they come to Kim Kyu Jong fan meeting. like reunion, but i hope just be like that, and let's be SS501 again! :')

daydeq said...

you right...kyu a glue who they will stick together for him..kyu MY ETERNAL CENTER FOREVER