Tuesday, July 03, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Mixed Emotions as Sitcom is to End

Thanks much to Honeyeee for sharing this article about Young Saeng over at Love501 blog.

With 'I Need a Fairy' (a.k.a. 'Sent from Heaven) Young Saeng has proven to us that he cannot only sing but can also act (not only in musical but sitcom). Acting in a drama is different but sitcom is also different because one has to have a skill to be able to make viewers laugh. 

With this, congratulations to Young Saeng for a job well done! 

[News]  Heo Young Saeng, Thoughts towards Sitcom’s Last Filming “Mixed Emotions of Joy & Sorrow”
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.com

Singer Heo Young Saeng reveals his thoughts towards the last filming for Sitcom.

On the 2nd, Heo Young Saeng wrote on his personal twitter account “Ah, last episode. Time passes by so fast for once. Feels somehow bittersweet” (—> Thanks Xiaochu for the tweet translation! ^^) along with a picture attached.

The picture shows the final script for KBS 2TV daily sitcom ‘I Need A Fairy’, which has the name ‘YS’ noted on, displaying Heo Young Saeng’s remarkable sense.

Netizens responded with a mixed variety of reactions such as “You’ve worked hard” , “I had fun watching it. Me too felt its a pity (that it’s ending)” , “You’ve worked hard till the end” and etc.

Meanwhile, ‘I Need A Fairy’ reveals a variety of episodes and encounter of a mother and daughter who were angels fallen to the earth by strange coincidence. Participating in this sitcom are Cha In Pyo, Hwang Woo Seul Hye and so on.


saengprince said...

Finally, it's end.. I really hope YS can act more drama or sitcom in the future.. Really miss him as Kaki and good job for his worked hard...YS saranghaeyo^^

ZhIyInG~ said...

Is the whole sitcom ending or is it that young saeng's role is ending? I'm so going to miss Hallyu star Kaki and Nara.

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna miss KAKI~
young saeng did great for his role..i hope to see him in a drama/movie as a lead actor for a change.. ^_^
hwaiting young saeng ah~

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to my dear Prince who has done an excellent job on acting! He surprised us on his first acting that he can be so natural and lovely! It's very difficult to make people laugh, you can't be over or under in a comedy otherwise very hard for audience to watch and I was so worried at the beginning. Then I became very happy and excited as he showed that he really has the talents in acting^^

Ling said...

Really love this sitcom and always waiting for Young Saeng to appear on the show. Enjoy his relationship with Nara and the funny things they did in the sitcom. So sad that it's ending so soon.

kelly said...

Is the sitcom finishing or his part finishing?

Though sitcom is situation comedy, it got me really touched many times. Enjoyed it with or with YS. YS has done a good job, especially when he goes all sentimental. Good job!