Monday, July 02, 2012

Two More Vids from Artmatic Leader's Wedding 07.01.12

Loads of thanks to for sharing these videos taken at the wedding of Artmatic's leader yesterday which was attended by Hyun Joong, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong.


Anonymous said...

leader asked mr. jeong to move aside to give YS n KJ room to stand beside him.:)))

Anonymous said...
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liezle said...

Please do not show how bad a fan you are. You are tainting the image of your bias. Please...


Anonymous said...


i do not show you what a 'bad' fan is.
THEY show you what it is.
if there's a fan can understand korean really well, please ask her what they're talking.
i understand what you WANT to believe, but you should know what happened IN REAL.

the girl B was the girl at kyu's fanmeeting. and HJL heard that in that place. in person.

if you support all 5 members evenly, you must be angry for HJL. cause no other member haven't heard those kind BAD words from their haters, are they?

then why are you hiding the truth to deleting my translation? so disappointed.

you can't call me a bad fan. all i did is just TRANSLATE those 'bad' fans' talking. if it makes trouble, it's made from them. TRANSLATION can't make trouble, you know.

Anonymous said...

11:19 what are you talking about, i don't understand.

liezle said...


Hi! You've been quite active in my blog lately. ^_^

I asked friends and even my Korean tutor to listen to the video to verify what you've written in the post that I have delete which I again quoting here for fans to be able to read:

you wrote:

"those girls' talking from 2:26 in korean

A : you captured them together.(maybe she doesn't want to be captured them together. actually the angle trying not to capture HJL) don't film it.

B : you're right.... phew... i even can't erase(or film... not sure)it...(because there's kyu.)

this reminds me the girl who was shouting to HJL at kyu's fanmeeting,

"i don't wanna see you! i don't wanna see you!"

But what my three friends told me is very different from what you wrote. They all said:

1. Audio is not too clear to be heard. Either voices are too soft or background are too loud.
2. Two of my friends (even used earphones) said that the person with the camcorder wants to take front view of KJ but could not get the right angle. And she's not quite happy with it.
3. Here companion said, 그러니까. (I know.) in this conversation, she means "I agree". Then the other lady said 웃지도 않아. (He doesn't smile.)
4. My tutor said that she thinks the ladies wanted to take a close up shot of KJ but they can't. They even wanted to call him but they know they can't.
5. The three friends of mine who listened to the video said what you wrote is totally different from what two ladies said in the video.

With this, hope that this comment of mine clears this issue.

If there is really something negative about this video fans would have actually made comments already in the YT channel of the uploader. Don't you think so? I wonder, why you posted your translation here and not in the YT channel of the uploader.

Btw, you asked me if there are bad words from the other haters spoken to them (other members). If i say yes would you believe me? And if I tell them, you would you also believe me?

Fans are fighting because of baseless stuff, rumors and made up stories. Why is this happening? Fandom is supposed to be fun, right?

A friend shared me this ealier and I hope that she will not mind me sharing this here. Life is too short to not enjoy what has been given to you. Time is silent. It’s can’t be heard but it is there ticking ever so steadily. And regret is a hard pill to swallow. It means you didn’t open up your eyes or heart to appreciate you are given.

With this, can we just enjoy what is being offered to us by our idols? They are there to entertain us and not fight.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I don't understand whats happening here...what about in that video I'm curious. Need to study Korean language. But anyways guys let's just support all the boys okay. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand whew! Two version of story. Let's just spread love and stop fighting ok.

Anonymous said...

Gals what ever was said doesn't matter, it was said alreay. And from the three of them KHJ looks the most handsome and the more gentleman, he is where he is today because of his manners.

Anonymous said...

hehehe i think mr jeong is the most eye catching of all...drool... drool...drool :)

Anonymous said...

i'm 11:19

i will write what i heard down in korean, and i bet your friend's listening is not that successful.

from 2: 26

A :(다른 멤버들과)같이 찍게 되잖아

B : 그러니까...

A : 찍지 말아

B : 지울 수도 없고 참 이거...

this is exactly what they said. i don't need earphone to catch that cause i have really good ears. nobody said "웃지도 않아" or something else. show this to your friends again and ask them listen carefully once again. and you'll know that i'm right.

i'm not that good in english, so i may can't tell you everything clearly enough. but no matter what you think, or belive, in this video clip, they don't want to capture the other member(or members)with kyu.

if i'm acive or not, i never tell a lie. some of you misunderstood what's going on, so i'm trying to tell the truth. that's it.

i don't want to blame any member or try tainting the image of my bias. i just let you know things clearly. this is what really happened these days.

i'm HJL's bias but not other's haters. if HJL wants SS501's activity, i'll support it. but you should know what HJL's haters(most of them are the other members' bias) doing to him first. because it really happened, and happens over and over again. if some of you didn't deny it or didn't treat as a rumor, i'll NEVER ACTIVE here because i'm lazy. but some of you try to make facts to rumous, so i just uncovered it.

i just uncover what kyu's FANS doing to HJL. i never blame or say bad words to other members. don't confuse it, please. they are so rude to OUR idols.

Anonymous said...

well... i'm korean tripleS, and 4:56 AM's right... i hate those haters. too bad.

Anonymous said...

wtf is going on here? you mean there are kyu's fans who hate leader? why? everyone has their bias but don't be so immature to go overboard. what exactly did leader do that kyu's fans hate him so much? i bet they're little girls who are crazy and childish.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:56 AM

enough with this..i think all fans know what happen with those haters n u dont need to worsen the just ruin henecians image..i also always blame those haters bcos i think they dont respect the artis n the fans..dont u ever make others lose respect to henecians too..and i dont get why are u making fuss here..dont u respect the owner who use her precious time to update our boys..

Anonymous said...

@ 4:56 AM

u r making a big fuss over unclear childish..

Anonymous said...

@ 4:56 AM

Why are you making a story?
I'm a Korean and I can hear '옆모습(side view) 찍게 되잖아' at 2:25~6.
HJL, YS and KJ are good friends to each other.
Don't you think you may ruin Henician image like this?
Come on!

Anonymous said...

oh, come on! you make henecian's image now? just like HJL's image? if it is 'side view', then why she said 'don't film it'? there're plenty of fancams of 'side view'! do not trying to ruin henecian's image to protect your own(it can be thankyu or else)fandom. yes, they're good friends. i do know it. but some of their fans are not good. don't forget "안 보고 싶다!" - "i don't wanna see you!" at kyu's fanmeeting. same thing happdens again. then why are you trying so hard to deny it? don't make a story? YOU don't make a story. it's a whistleblowing. do you know what that means? you should accept it rather than deny! your denial make tripleS really ashamed! it's just 1 or 2 fans. why are you protect them so firmly? they're not kyu or ss501! they're just tooooooooooooooo bad lost haters!

Anonymous said...

Liezle dear, u r d rightful owner of this blog so u hv every single rights to post or remove anything. Just want to let u know that all your hardwork in sharing the news of our boys n keep us all updated are truly appreciated.
It's those that went into someone's house(blog) and condemn d host that has no respect for others and will never gain respect from others as well.
We will always stand together supporting ALL 5 of our darling boys!

liezle said...

I am closing down the comment box once again as I have the whole story from the owner of the video courtesy of my friend who really went out her way to know as she is bother by these false accusations. Also was talking to a Henecia and she wants this also cleared out as from what she said many fans are tainting what they've worked hard for years.

Please DO NOT spread unfounded rumors. You are hurting the community and making yourself a fool.

Btw, @4:46 the who took the vid is not the person who you were accusing shouted. Also, she was able to take this video because HJL fans called them that they saw HJL, KJ and YS nearby.

I hope this will clear this once and for all.

I feel apologetic to the video owner as she only has good intention in sharing the video and yet someone accused her and it even happened to my blog. Really shame on you.