Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Vid] PJM's 'As Tears Are Falling' Japanese Version MV

I love the Korean version of this song and I am loving as well the Japanese version. As for the MV, well, to be honest I prefer this over the Korean version.

I love how the director focuses on Jung Min's face while doing the recording of this track. Loving the smile, the laugh, the facial expression and so much more. He's so handsome and I so envy his skin so much.

His vocal is really good. The song relaxing.

After watching this video, I kinda want to hug him and be hugged back. Geez, Jung Min for me I think is getting to be my most huggable guy.

Here's the video which was uploaded in YT channel. Please DO NOT upload in any other streaming channel. Only watch the video in this channel.


Anonymous said...

Liezle, i agree with everything you wrote. Jung Min is just so charming and lovable in this PV! definitely the #1 Huggable Man! <3
thx for all your updates!

Anonymous said...

I want to hug and kiss Jungmin-ssi. He is not only huggable but also kissable. i like the shape of his lips and his pearly white teeth:-). among 5 of them, I really like Jungmin's voice. although his just my 2nd vias because still my 1st bias is leader.haha