Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ 2011 Japan Live Tour by

It has been weeks since the Live Tour of Hyung Jun in Japan ended and we still have gotten much news or picture on the happenings. I am glad though that Christy516 shared some on her blog.

Thanks to 지금갑니다 for sharing these on

Wow, the venue is full! And I was told that all show during the Live Tour was successful. Congratulations Hyung Jun! I am really happy that each member of SS501 even while doing solo is very much popular in Japan. It only goes to say that they are indeed Hallyu Stars.


Anonymous said...

Love these photos. Hyung Jun looks so good and happy in them. The picture with the audience is my favorite. These concerts must have been amazing.

Anonymous said...

yeah he looks so happy! the show is a great success, look how many people watching him...!!