Thursday, June 02, 2011

06.01.11 S/Tweet Treats

As the video of Hyun Joong's 'Please' came out yesterday, Steven Lee and Sean Alexander excited tweeted the link to the video.

Below is consolidated and translated tweets from yesterday posted in Quainte501 by xiaochu.


[Trans] 06.01.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Please re-post with full credits

2011-06-01 @ 12:53 AM
jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 kekeke Let's meet in mid-June after exams end!! keke

2011-06-01 @ 11:42 AM
hangtenkorea From 1-June onwards, 'Save The Earth - Environment Campaign' event supported by Hangten and Angel-in-us Coffee will start. Customers who purchase 50,000won and above will be given seeds, culture soil, 1+1 coffee coupon.

2011-06-01 @ 12:24 PM
Steven_Lee_ "Please" Full M/V is out at 12:30PM Today.

2011-06-01 @ 12:30 PM
Steven_Lee_ KIM HYUN JOONG "PLEASE" M/V is officially out! Enjoy happy.gif

2011-06-01 @ 1:50 PM
seanalexander23 WOOOO! The music video is finally out! Kim Hyun Joong "Please" smile.gif

2011-06-01 @ 1:59 PM
seanalexander23 Kim Hyun Joong releases full MV for “Please” - WOOOOO! Finally it’s out! I’m blessed to have worked on this...

2011-06-01 @ 2:09 PM
seanalexander23 btw please dont re-upload the music video.... let the label/artist get the views.... thank you smile.gif

2011-06-01 @ 4:11 PM
whiteminseo Kim HyunJoong's music video and one photo has been uploaded~ Please love Kim HyunJoong's solo song 'Please'~*^^*

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Anonymous said...

Love how Kimhyun joong gets so much supports from both Steven Lee and Alexander.