Thursday, June 09, 2011

06.07.11 S/Tweet Treats

Last Monday we were also surprised of the pizza that Young Saeng brought to the cast of Goong during their rehearsals. Hee, the story about the pizza did not end last Monday. Tweets about it were carried out yesterday.

Here's translation of the tweets yesterday courtesy of xiaochu of Quainte501.


[Trans] 06.07.11 S/Tweets Treat
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credit please

2011-06-07 @ 8:51 AM
Steven_Lee_ HJ's 1st single "Break Down" will be out in next few hours. Please enjoy legally* and support us:) Say NO to unofficial Youtube video& links

2011-06-07 @ 8:58 AM
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream Guy with good sense, YoungSaeng kekeke I also had Pizza for dinner today ^^

2011-06-07 @ 9:54 AM
Steven_Lee_ Kim Hyun Joong "Break Down" Music Video is now open! Thank you for waiting. I spent this whole year for this RT

2011-06-07 @ 10:17 AM
Steven_Lee_ MV for Kim HyunJoong 1st album title song "Break Down" has been released. You don't know how many sleepless nights had been spent by many staffs for this. We hope for your utmost attention and love for it! I produced/composed for all the songs in this album.

2011-06-07 @ 10:19 AM
Steven_Lee_ Great lyrics in Korean were written by @_joyfactory. Thank you once again^^ Choreography is done by world renouned choreographer @LyleBeniga, he came personally to Korea and choreographed the dance. Hope for your support ^^

2011-06-07 @ 10:24 AM
philshin76 HyunJoong's mp3 has been released at mp3 websites. Please give it lots of support!

2011-06-07 @ 12:27 PM
WarrenBONBOO @Steven_Lee_ I am at showcase venue.... He is hot... ㅋㅋ

2011-06-07 @ 1:50 PM
mystyle1103 @Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream Come to think of it, I don't really eat pizza keke but I just thought of buying pizza for them~ ah.. KyuJong hates pizza...kekeke

2011-06-07 @ 3:15 PM
MTVKorea Heo YoungSaeng cool~~

2011-06-07 @ 3:21 PM
MTVKorea Heo YoungSaeng pre-recording ends~~^^

2011-06-07 @ 4:29 PM
hangtenkorea Hangten's model, Kim HyunJoong has finally made his comeback!
Hangten supports HyunJoong who has turned even more handsome and even more charismatic!!!

2011-06-07 @ 4:42 PM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Hyung, do you remember that you said you will buy me dinner ?keke Buy me chicken~~~

2011-06-07 @ 10:24 PM
Steven_Lee_ @mystyle1103 @2kjdream Ketchup killer Kim KyuJong, I was thinking if he will eat pizza with ketchup spreaded on it sleep.gif; heehee

2011-06-07 @ 11:33 PM
philshin76 Thank you to fans who came to HyunJoong's showcase despite being busy. Strong Heart is on air now. It is (the part) Yon-sama on the phonecall. Please watch it~~

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