Tuesday, June 07, 2011

[Article] What Made Hyun Joong Tear at his Showcase

Heaps heaps of thanks to khjgalaxy for sharing this translation on her blog. I have been curious to know what made him cry and this is the reason why.

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong'Saw Fans Fought Over Misunderstanding the past year' and Cried

Source: http://joynews.inews24.com
Translation: khjgalaxy

Kim Hyun Joong was reading letter to the fans when he was overwhelmed by pain and cried.

Kim Hyun Joong was holding a showcase for his first mini-album on June 7th.

When the showcase was about to end, Kim Hyun Joong said 'Because it's diffcult to express myself'' and took out the letter that he personally wrote.

Kim Hyun Joong said 'It has been 6 years. Really thankful to those who believe and support me till today. Last year, because of misunderstandings, fans fought with each other', he could not control himself and cried.

'I could only watched all this silently, felt that I could not do anything to solve it' and 'I worked on my album with the thought that everyone will be happy. So from today onwards, everyone must be happy.' he said with his eyes turning red.

'I will like to express gratefulness and love to the fans who came' he said and left with his head down eyes tearing. His first showcase after going solo expresses the anguish he hid during the past year.


Jiang May said...

we will always support HJL!

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong...I'm sorry that you had to suffered silently due to the misunderstanding of some fans. My heart aches for you. I've always believed in you and will support you as well as SS501 forever.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. What misunderstanding is he talking about?

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:08 Basically everyone was blaming HJ for leaving the group by switching companies, thus making SS501 "breakup" and fans were fighting with each other over this.

Anonymous said...

Is SS501 still together professionally? Some fans are saying yes and other fans are saying no. I am confused. I don't know what to believe :-(

Anonymous said...

12:39 you should just believe in what the boys said! they said to believe in them! they will be back together when all have been done with solo activiites. might take awhile but just believe in them! they will all come back so much stronger after all of this!

Chara said...

Hyun Joong... T_T *hugs*
Getting more and more my hero as a person for various reasons.
Don't cry, or I'll cry with you.

Never would have thought of blaming anyone of SS501 for the break up. Even IF (big big IF) there was this kind of person between them... they suffer enough from be apart. No need to blame anyone.

JM and KHJL cry till today cause of the break up,
Baby and KJ did on the Fanmeeting on 13th June 2010,
and as always the Bad Boy is suffering (let's say this with a little overstatement) "to death" silently...
How could anyone blame them for the sh** that happened?

I just want them to be happy after this turbulent year laying behind them...

Anonymous said...

All is past. A lot believed, many were angry. But important thing is -- solo careers are doing them good for they are all awesome.

So hard to be always in a group and not discover yourself. You need to do that alone. So kudos for each have made a mark for themselves.

Welcome back Leader and loving every news i read about you.

Thank you Liezle for keeping this blog updated.

SS501 individually and collectively-- fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

Being a leader is always hard,KHJ was first among equals-Primus Inter Pares and as they say one is a lonely number. KHJ mostly shouldered whatever happened at the most critical juncture in their career.That chapter is closed now but they can open a new chapter later after all the solo performers good for their individual growths .

KHJ took the risks but concentrated on the results though he knew and felt the consequences . But for now,the KHJ I saw did not only dream nor just had a vision ,he executed them with his talent,dedication ,devotion .

So for us ,whom his performance is intended let us return all his hard work by full support .

Alex said...
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liezle said...

Had to delete again. Sorry....