Monday, June 13, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong in SBS 'Every Night' on 06.13.11

Heaps of thanks to veggiedelight for the tip to this article. So ladies, we have a date tonight with Hyun Joong at 11:15PM KST in SBS.


[News] Kim Hyun-joong "I get jealous when women scream for Won Bin or Kang Dong-won"
Lifted from Hancinema
Source TV Daily via Nate

Kim Hyun-joong confessed he gets jealous of Won Bin and Kang Dong-won.

In the late night variety show SBS "Every Night" Kim Hyun-joong pointed out Won Bin and Kang Dong-won when he was asked "Is there any actor you envy the looks of?"

Kim Hyun-joong said, "While I was watching movie "The Man From Nowhere", women screamed at the past where Won Bin cuts his hair by himself and I got jealous. I niggled saying 'how could someone cut his hair on his own so well?'".

He also confessed that when he watched Kang Dong-won's "JEON WOO CHI: The Taoist Wizard", he thought Kang Dong-won was really cool but was jealous because so many women liked him.

Kim Hyun-joong claimed that he had experienced the best and the worst drama and spoke about what he thought their differences were.

He also spoke about the complex of his which he overcame watching Cha Seung-won, and was completely possessed by the Dok Go-jin character from MBC drama "The Greatest Love" as he imitated him as well. This show will be broadcasted at 11:15PM on the 13th.

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Anonymous said...

hyun joongie is just soo good-looking in these photos.... don't worry hyun joong, i'm sure there are a lot of artistes who are jealous of your good looks as well! (i even have male colleagues who wished they looked like you.. haha)

omo!! i cannot wait to see him imitate dokko jin from 'greatest love', this will be really something to look out for! (hee, i'm glad that i'm watching the same drama as him right now.... ^_~)

i hope that after this year of releasing 2 albums, he invests time in acting classes and gets a really meaty role next year!! frankly, i think a good role and good drama script is really crucial, all the best hyun joong, you have our support all the way!!