Monday, June 20, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Talks About His Drinking Limits

Much thanks to heartfacee of AKP for this article.

Korean are know to really drink (a lot) and they're tolerance to drinking is high. I know a certain Korean lady who drinks a lot. Her friends are all in amazement with her when ever she goes clubbing and never even gets drunk.

Anyway, member of SS501 are all grown ups and they can never be idol all the time. I noticed the Kyu Jong and Young Saeng also often tweet about drinking. I guess the least drinker amongst them are the two youngest.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong talks candidly about his drinking limits
Source: Asia Today via Nate
Courtesy of heartfacee / AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong recently guested on SBS Power FM’s “Park So Hyun’s Love Game“, where he candidly discussed his drinking habits.

He confessed, “My drinking limit is about four soju bottles.”

Park So Hyun asked, “What’s a small misunderstanding people have about you?” He answered, “People always ask me, ‘You drink wine or hard liquor, right? However, I don’t drink often and when I do, I drink three and a half to four bottles of soju.”

He continued, “Since I debuted at a young age, they told me not to talk about facial hair, first loves, alcohol, and cigarettes. Since I talk about all of these things often now, I guess I’m no longer an idol.”

Listeners commented, “The 26-year-old Hyun Joong’s stories are so honest”, “Him talking about mundane things was new”, and “That’s a lot to drink!”

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Anonymous said...

Baby mentioned about Leader in Music High one year ago, he told him to stop drinking..

a fan wrote in the comment page about drinking liquor to go to sleep, so HyungJunie gun sort of "the tide came", thus brought the topic onto HyunJoong.

HyungJun is worried that his hyung will have bad health, since Hyun Joong drinks liquor then goes to sleep soon after that