Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong wants Yong Joon to get married soon

Another article on Hyun Joong courtesy this time of thunderstix of Soompi.

Have you seen the vid from Guerilla Date that I posted HERE last night? If not yet, go read this article first before you proceed to watch it.

Ah, Hyun Joong , it's not only you who wants BYJ to get married soon even us fans want him to settle down. Please do encourage him to do so at the earlier. Please remind him that even his grandmother wants him to have his family soon and see her little BYJs too.


[New] Kim Hyun Joong's Advice to Nuna Fans

Courtesy of thunderstix / Soompi

Kim Hyun Joong sent a special message to his older female fans during a guerilla interview on Saturday’s KBS “Entertainment Weekly.” He was asked to give a special message to his massive older female fan base, also known as “nuna fans” in Korea, and he responded, “A lot of nuna fans say they want to get married to me, but if they find the right person, I hope they get married soon.”

During the interview, Kim Hyun Joong touched upon a number of different topics. When asked about getting married, he said, “I wanted to get married before 30, but I realized it’s not going to happen any time soon. I thought I would be living as a grown-up, but the older I get I feel like I’m moving away from an adult life.”

He also said the most memorable female partner in his dramas so far was Han Chae Young from KBS “Boys Over Flowers.” But he gave her a rather cute video message saying, “If you’re watching this at home, please invest 500 won ($0.50) in buying my songs.”

Kim Hyun Joong also shared his experience working with Bae Yong Joon, the head of his agency Key East Management. “I think guys talk is pretty obvious. We usually talk about our past girl friends and stuff. I think it’s okay for me to still be single now, but Bae Yong Joong shouldn’t be. He needs to get married soon, and I would like to help him do so.”

Saturday’s guerilla interview took place at the popular Hongik University area. Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance nearly paralyzed the streets as thousands of fans rushed to the scene. It was later revealed the crowd was by far the largest size from this year’s guerilla interviews.


liezle said...

Sorry guys I just have to delete all comments and the original post from this page as requested by the translator.

Anyway,thanks still for the earlier translation. It was interesting and read some very interesting comments about it. Actually I lol-ed.


laura said...

I can't believe he said 'He also said the most memorable female partner in his dramas so far was Han Chae Young' ... WHA!?

He spend like what hhmmm a week with her and that was his most memorable one? How about the girl that play Oh Ha ni on Playful kiss .. SHE brought out the best in him. Oh well ....

Anonymous said...

Dear laura

Dont be shocked by what he says cause thats hyunjoong.Like he once says that his brain is a bit wrinkled than others thats why his comments are always considered unbelievable.