Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Article] Jungmin 'Involved in Car Accident' Resulted to Neck Injury (Let's Go! Dream Team)

The accident happened weeks ago but only revealed today and I was surprised by the news. If not for 'Let's Go! Dream Team' I think we would not know about this accident.

Actually many have already been worrying for Jung Min since it was reported in sn@pp that he was sick the day before the photoshoot (a day after Dream Team's shooting if I am not wrong) with a 40° fever followed by cervical vertebra movement disorder which the most common symptom of this is neck pain . All this must have resulted from his car accident. But he still followed his commitments after recording for Dream Team he went to sn@pp photoshoot, took off to Japan and Indonesia as scheduled. He only returned on the 29th of May, after which we did not hear anything from him. I hope that he is now given by CNr time to rest and recuperate before proceeding to his other activities

Read the article below as translated by Stephanie on i-kpoplovers. Thanks for the tweet!


[Trans] Park Jungmin 'Involved in Car Accident' Resulted to Neck Injury (Let's Go! Dream Team)
Source: Newsen
Translated by: Stephanie (@Stephiie4SS501/ 東方5AS1)
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It was true reported that singer Park Jungmin have got into a car accident although it was found out later.

On June 12th, in KBS 2TV 'Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2', reveal the battle between Ricky Kim, Park Jungmin, Jinon, Lee Sangin, Heo Gyeonghwan, Lee Hyeongseok and No Woojin on Dream Team challenges the Air Force 8th Fighter Wing Pilot Team.

[omitted - details on the games during the show]

Today, Park Jungmin have come to challenge. However, he confessed that he was involved in a little car accident, explaining reasons the bandage behind his neck.

According to Chun Byeongchul from doctor team, 'If there's any pain from the injury, I think it would be better if you withdraw', he said.

In the end, Park Jungmin still proceed to compete in the game despite the doctor's advice and the crowd.


Anonymous said...

This news about Jung Min made me nervous like hell. :( I really hope he's truly okay. I don't want him to force himself.

Anonymous said...

>< JungMIn..!!! OMG....This news shocks me, so hows his condition, does anyone know?? Im so worried about him

Anonymous said...

gosh..why did his agency not cancel his activities. Health always comes first. I am sure the fans would have understood. He could have made his injury worse. Sometimes it's not worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

i guess maybe this is why he couldn't come to Leader's showcase because of his busy schedules and neck injury after the car accident a week ago..

Anonymous said...

take good care of youself mal health always comes first before anything else

love ya

Anonymous said...

jungmin, be safe... praying for your best of health...take ya!=D

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Jung Min. Would have been comforting if your brothers were with you. Hope this will give a spark to get together again. In sickness and in health, Singer Superstars 5 forever as 1. Hurry back, call your brothers and start planning for a comeback.

Anonymous said...

poor jungmin. hope he gets better soon

Alex said...


When will you stop being stubborn and care about yourself???

Anonymous said...

jungmin ar plz take care of urself!!! :(
love u!

LapinApple said...

this is one dreadful news to read...hope he's getting better now...i love Jungmin!