Thursday, June 09, 2011

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Talks About SS501

Thanks Marvie for shoving this here. This is what I read on AKP when I woke up. Like what I mentioned last night I am not so sure about the accuracy of this article. I saw the show but couldn't hardly understand any. But reading comments on Korean sites it seems that there is something wrong with the article. Anyway, hope translation on the show will be out soon or there's someone who can let us know the accuracy of this article.

Thanks to ramham424 of AKP for the news. Btw, there are still more that Hyun Joong talked about on the show.

Anyway, whatever you read, just believe and trust them, k? Btw, I remember that all members mentioned that all decided pursue solo to improve their craft and they're very vocal about getting together on stage and be the greatest for us.


[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Talks About SS501 After Their Contract Ended with DSP
source : Newsen
by ramham424 @ AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong recently talked about the reason why SS501 members decided to pursue their own careers.

The singer was a guest on MBC’s “Knee-Drop Guru” and elaborated on the statement that he has made previously on “Radio Star“, saying, “If the agency doesn’t force me out, I don’t want to either.”

He stated, “That statement was made when we had 5 months remaining on our contract. There was one more scheduled album to be released. I didn’t talk about the issues dealing with the agency with my members at the time. When our album promotions were over, we talked it over with all the members.”

He apparently told his members, “Didn’t we show almost everything that SS501 can do together as one? I don’t want to disband, but I think it’d be good if we could also pursue our own paths. After talking with the members, we each pursued the paths according to our own colors.”

When asked about the time when the CEO of his past agency (DSP Media) fainted due to health problems, he said, “I was a little fortunate that I had the opportunity to say, ‘I’m sorry’ to him before he fainted. If I didn’t tell that to him then, I couldn’t have come out like this today. If I won an award for a drama or on a music program, I wanted to say to him, ‘I did well. Please be healthy.’”

P.S. The translator used fainted not sure if this is what really HJL meant but I have a feeling that he's saying paralyze(?). I remember reading before that DSP president was in coma but health is getting better.


Blanca said...

this article really came out like a bomb.

I agreed with leader, now they are five solo singers with five colors, isn't it good?

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ya me too before i didnt like to see them as solo singer but thinking about khj was the only one who had chance to do solo Activities and look how big he become

Anonymous said...

I think doing solo activities is good for them. They get to pursue projects that interests them without problems because of group activities, grow/strengthen their skills and talents since being alone is harder and try something new. Everything they will learn as individuals will go into the group when they get back together and make them even more awesome and stronger ^^ SS501 fighting!

Anonymous said...

Soo... he was forced out? There must be something going on within the agency which lead to all this.
Anyway, it's great to see each one of them shine by their own, and pursue their own dreams. I believe they will get together if there is chance in the future.

Anonymous said...

I still dont understand this - ill wait for the video to be subbed

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

Ehhh...that mixed feeling is coming back again...
I wish they don't discuss this matter anymore, but deep down, I want to know the truth. The whole truth. I don't believe leader was the only one who said they wanted to have solo activities. There must be more reasons to it. I don't know...just a feeling. Don't kill me okay.

Anonymous said...

They say "curiosity kills the cat"but i think its only hyunjoong who will bear this burden to reveal whats behind their separation and takes the blame if anything he says might hurt his ss501 brothers.He is being diplomatic since people wants to know he will tell but not to the extend of offending anyone.Well anyway who knows maybe one day the other member will become famous too and had to do interviews like hyunjoong maybe they will drop another bomb too.
So as a fan we have to wait patiently and believe in them if that is we are a true fan.
Sorry if my comment is long but nobody is perfect.

Anonymous said...

having to pursue their own dreams/interests as a solo without the constraints of group activities did them well but i love them more when they are all together :)

brace yourself... this is a long post: if i were to summarize all the interviews the members did after leaving DSP:
= they will not disband;
= priority is SS501 activities;
= pursue solo careers;
= get back together after solo activities is done
= one thing is for sure, they are grateful with DSP despite them not able to continue with their contracts.

At that time Leader said, no other agencies is financially able to get the 5 of them (one article was released end part 0f 2009 that they are the only idol group being paid the highest: the first top five highest paid korean performers are: 1: lee hyori 2:) Rain 3:) BoA 4:) SS501 5)(another lady solo singer)

when they were negotiating, the members presented what they needed and preferred, but no agency can accommodate their needs hence, solo activities

to end my post... YES, i still believe...yes, they have talents, looks, charm, appeal, good fortune and yes its still FIVE FOREVER AS ONE (A)