Tuesday, June 07, 2011

[Article} Kyu Jong was Supposed to be in Secret Garden

Uhm, I am kind of glad that this project didn't materialized for Kyu Jong. I find the role lacking in substance and and airtime is too short. I think Kyu Jong deserves a bigger role that Sun in SG.

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation shared on Quaitne501.

[News] SS501 Kim KyuJong Declines Role of SUN in ‘Secret Garden’, Why?
Credits : jamie@newsen.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


If Kim KyuJong from SS501, was ‘Sun’ in the popular drama ‘Secret Garden’?

According to several people in broadcast industry, Kim KyuJong received an invitation for the cast role ‘SUN’ in SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’ which was broadcasted last year.

After Kim KyuJong, Park JaeBum who is previously from 2PM was also given the chance to take up the role of ‘SUN’, but both of them declined so finally Lee JongSuk was selected for the role.

In the drama, SUN is a genius musician who keeps bickering with Oska (played Yoon SangHyun) and secretly admires him. Singer Kim KyuJong matches the role very well because the role of SUN is a musician and there were lots of scenes where he sings. However, it was rumored that Kim KyuJong was not well prepared or acting yet at that time therefore rejected the role.

In the end, the role of SUN was played by Lee JongSuk, and despite being a newcomer, he is able to act out the prickly and cold role easily, and gained much attention as a rookie actor.

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will play the role of Lee Shin in musical ‘Goong’ which will be played in Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto, Japan from 11-June to 1-July. His transformation into an actor has gained much anticipation from fans.


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda on both side of this. I'm glad he didn't take it cause I loved the guy that did play Sun but I kind of wish he did because it would have been great exposure for his first role and I don't agree that Sun was a shallow character. There can be so many ways to overplay that role and it would take a good actor not to overdo it. Too many people focus on the length of the screen time rather than the quality of the role nowadays.

Anonymous said...

omg noooooooo reallyyyy???? ah i wish he was in secret garden !! lee jong suk became soooo famous after this role and that drama is loved by everyone ... then again i rly dont want people to see kyu as a cold or gay person lol ... but ill bet kyu could have given his own flavor to the character - im sure jay would have made a rly comical Sun also hahaha

Anonymous said...

my first thought was wow really unexpected news. my second thought was this just shows our kyu is getting many offers but being really careful in choosing.
after watching "never ending love" I really can't see why he hasn't done a drama role this far... must be considerations we don't know plus choosing the right project to debut with.
conclusion: we'll wait :)

side note- I can't stop appreciating the work of all five of ss501 they are really great!


zaza said...

Kyu's great in acting. I was crying while Never Ending Love even I didn't understand what they said, the storyline and acting were enough.

Anonymous said...

aww!i am not watvhing SG but i will, soon. this unexpected revelation really saddens me.. because if he was in SG then that would my first time to see him on our very own TV screen in a drama. haaay, but i guess, i should not bother over a spilt milk any more. but i do hope to see him on a drama on our TV screen. ^^

Anonymous said...

Kyu would have made something fabulous with that character! He's good, we all saw that in NEL.

If it's true he declined cos he thought he wasn't ready I want to whack him over the head (lovingly!) with something heavy. Cos he's always doing that, thinking he's not good enough or just not enough. He is.

I agree with Anon 12:50 PM - Too many people focus on the length of the screen time rather than the quality of the role nowadays.

And to Anon 1:31 PM: I don't get the "lol" about the gay. :(
You know, most people would get that it's a role... ?
And gay people are people too. I'm sure Kyu has friends who are gay. And even if he doesn't, he's a good, gentle, caring person who would never judge anyone.

Anonymous said...

for me its just too sad to know, if he accepted it i'm very happy and proud to see him on TV which are now airing in the Phils, coz i like secret garden's story. i just bought MyTV phone so that even i in our office i can watch SG & of course my fav Playful kiss.

sinthia said...

OMG! why kyu???????????? I can't believe he refused to do this drama!!!!!! It would be great to him, I'm sure he would have done a great job, because he is really good in acting. HJL did not experienced acting before,when he was invited to do BBF, but he did really well in the end. I just hope after he doing musical Goong he gains the confidence in his acting skills, because I want to see him doing dramas!!!!!!!