Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Article] Very Interesting Interview of Young Saeng by Newsen24

Whoa! Thanks xiaochu for this ans sharing in Quainte501. This is the article that I read last night and have been waiting for translation since I found it very interesting.... hee, and it's interesting indeed. Thanks again!

Yay, he will be going into acting next year. I like! This is a must read.

Oh, and go check his humbness.


[News] Heo YoungSaeng “Solo Activity, Felt Lonely..Next Year into Acting”
Credits : newsen24 (omj0206@cj.net) + Photo from B2M Entertainment + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Heo YoungSaeng was the least talkative among the members during SS501 times. During SS501’s interviews, leader Kim HyunJoong and Park JungMin, Kim HyungJun were the main members who talked, while Heo YoungSaeng would normally keep quiet.

We met Heo YoungSaeng, who is currently in the midst of his activities with his solo album and same titled title song ‘Let It Go’, at the waiting room in Mnet’s music program ‘M!Countdown’. It has been a long time since we met him and he is still not talkative as before. He looks like it is not easy for him to open his heart to talk even to a reporter whom he should be familiar with. We asked about his feeling on his solo activities first. His answer is as short as usual.

“I felt empty and lonely. Because I use the waiting room alone, so it is quiet and I feel really bored. Members supported me a lot. Like today, HyungJun sent me text message to tell me to work hard. I also supported a lot on HyunJoong who is coming out as a solo artiste.”

5 members of SS501 ended their contract with their ex-agency DSP Media last June and went on their own ways. Kim HyunJoong chose Bae YongJun’s KeyEast, Park JungMin moved to CNR Media co-owned by Korea and Taiwan agency. Kim HyungJun joined S-Plus Entertainment and became under the same roof with Kang JiHwan. Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng came to their current agency B2M Entertainment.

Due to these changes in their agency in the past year, they changed from group to solo activities. It was a time of great changes. There must have been some difficulties faced in the process of coming out with a new album after more than a year.

“I don’t have enough time. Even though it has been over a year since I’m having activities, a lot of time were spent on agency contract problems. After I got into the preparation stage for the album, I decided on the title song very last minute and went for broadcast soon thereafter. That was very difficult. And it was even more difficult as I hurt my wrist at that time. It was a long time since I make a comeback and it is a pity that I could not prepare myself even more. It is hard work to be standing alone on stage. I also have a lot of worries that if my voice will break.”

Heo YoungSaeng has the most outstanding vocal among the 5 SS501 members. A lot of fans thought that Heo YoungSaeng will make his comeback with ballad or songs that will boast his singing abilities when they heard of news on his solo activities. However, it was nothing like anyone expected. Heo YoungSaeng stood in front of his fans after one year with a dance song.

“It seems like most people expected me to comeback with ballad. But I want to have a twist to it. I want to show that Heo YoungSaeng is able to sing and dance on stage by myself. I am not so concerned about what type of music I come out with. And I am not the main vocal of SS501. I am just a vocal. On the contrary, it is a burden to be known as the main vocal."

Besides Heo YoungSaeng, SS501 members have all debuted as actors. Kim HyunJoong in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Park JungMin in musical ‘Grease’, Kim HyungJun in musical ‘Café-in’, ‘Kim KyuJong in webtoon drama ‘Seti’. Only Heo YoungSaeng has not been engaged in activities as an actor.

“I have received proposals for musical plays. But I wanted to be an actor only next year. For this year, I just want to work hard on my solo activities. Actually, I think it is not easy to act in musical plays. How to memorise that many script lines? Have to memorise even the actions. It is really very stressful. I thought about how I will be if I were to perform in a musical, but I think I will be very nervous.”

We asked about his future plans and he replied with a short answer “Activities in Korea”. There are no specific plans for overseas activities yet. The quiet Heo YoungSaeng got called for rehearsal and went on stage. That same Heo YoungSaeng from just now is full of passion. He is a natural-born singer.


royalty_of_rain said...

personally I think young saeng would just be AWESOME in a musical....

I actually am thinking he would just be Daebak as Romeo in romeo and juliet. or maybe Phantom of the opera. or maybe something comedic like The Producers.

I wish he would start acting in a musical rather than a drama.

kelly said...

me too. I will love to watch him in a musical. Natural born singer. Whole heartedly agree.

Xiaochu & liezle, thanks.


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine his face when he was replying to the questions especially about the musical..."stressful to memorize the lines and actions" kekekeke

its natural to be anxious about performing in a musical since i believe his dongsaengs share their concerns and sentiments when they were preparing for the musical.. started from Mal, then to Jun and currently Kyu.. but hey, they all did a great job...over and beyond their own expectations... so I believe, if YS will accept a musical.. he'll do a splendid job as well ...ahhh.. errr.. YS you gotta believe in yourself too :) (A)

Anonymous said...

That guy? In a musical...? Ottokhae? That won't be easy on the cast, believe me. Even though natural singer (to which I agree, as he has obviously the voice that captivates) he's not very sociable. Not, if he doesn't want to. Very moody.
This guy could create a big problem... not too sure... Would be interesting. HA. Try me, Mr. Heo.