Friday, July 01, 2011

[Eng subbed ] Superstar : Kyu Jong in Never Ending Love (Complete)

Heaps of thanks to shirbo21 for subbing Kyu Jong's Never Ending Love and posting on her YT channel. It's been a long time since we had subs from shirbogirl. Thanks again for taking the time to do this from your busy schedule.

Btw, if you guys want to have the FULL version in your computer, you may download it HERE. The file is 1.85GB.


Never Ending Love - Kim Kyu Jong
by : shirbogurl

Please DO NOT download and re-upload in any streaming sites including YT.


Anonymous said...

Yehey!!! At long last. Waited for more than a year! Hmmm....Seems like 2 years ago. So glad to see Kyu Jong act after Seti.

etet said...

Thankyu Shirbogurl!!!!

I'd be lying if I said I haven't been "eagerly" awaiting each new translation...
cried my eyes out even without the translation... still cry my eyes out each time I watch....

Kyu does a wonderful job...

Anonymous said...


thanks so much 1- Liezle for posting this and 2- to the person who subbed this

i've been wanting to watch this for soooo loong!a

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle n Shirbogurl :D
i want to know,,has anyone Jungmin's and Hyungjun's drama yet??

Anonymous said...

Still anon @10:32
i mean has anyone SUBBED Min n Joon's drama yet??

Anonymous said...

hey liezle where is Hyung Jun sub drama and jung min's ?

Please don't post about your bias too much, I wonder if is this still consider a ss501's blog..?

Sorry for being so rude, but I cannot handle anymore, I love this blog but this blog is full of KHJL, HYS and KKJ biased fans!

Anonymous said...


Please have some manners.You come to someone's house you must knock before entering same goes here you want some of your biases drama to be up you request nicely but dont demand like liezle is your slave or something.Why dont you help liezle to ask/look around if there is anyone who has subbed baby and min drama and inform liezle to post it in her blog.Fyi liezle dont do subbing you know she still needs biases fan to contribute some help to her blog.Why dont you take some lessons in subbing and mannerism and go live in the mountain and dont be a nuisance to the peaceful place this blog should be.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:07
someone just told me Liezle's twitter account, I found out in her account she retweeted Baby's sub drama from Only Jun a week ago

I wonder why Liezle doesn't want to post Baby's drama sub on her blog even she knows it? Are Hyung Jun fans not allowing other people to post their translations in their blogs? They want to keep Baby Jun for themselves? wtf.. I like being blunt, if they have a bias and they don't care about the rest of members, they better not to make ss501 blog, they should build a blog dedicated to their biases

liezle said...


I don't think you haven't been visiting my blog much to accuse me of being biased. ^_^ Well, you are certainly wrong, because I do not have any bias.

I have already explained in my post why I wasn't able to post Black City so no need to explain it here.


liezle said...


wasn't able to post black city because i forgot to hit publish button. it's my fault and not any fan's fault.

Much as i would like to contribute a lot of stuff about the other members i cannot because i have limited resources.

Also, i just do not post any stuff that i see. If you guys notice i post only stuff which i have knowledge (even a bit) only. I don't want to just post photos of vids without anything saying about it. It's not my style.


Anonymous said...

For the love of peace pls put anger and impatienceness aside and do respect a blog owner whenever you visit their site.Do not question their rights or assume this and that.Put yrself in her place if you have a blog and being treated like that.

I visits your blog everday Liezle and you have been doing great for us fans and i do love it when you exercise yr judgement to tick off or shut down off those who will cause trouble.

Liezle fighting!!!

slimz1808 said...

Sad that this post dedicated to Kyu turned this way. TS who visit liezle prob know I'm Kyu bias.

If u say this is a kyu bias site I disagree cos I see a lot more other Kyu info/pictures in his other fansites which do not appear here in liezle's site...
I'm not making a fuse outta it coz to me I think if I've a bias whom I wanna find out more, I myself shld do some work/make some effort to 'chase' after his info rather than wait for spoonfeeding all the time.
Some fans at times share videos/links on the sidebar too.

and i agree with @1:07 plus liezle has her own personal life etc. she cant b at her computer clicking all the sites 24/7 dig out all info and post on her blog. It takes kind TS who share info/pict/fancam with her via email, twitter or the sidebar here.

hope this wont discourage u from continuing sharing things abt our boys...
Ur site has been the first site i visit everyday despite the fact that i', getting some of the boys' news via twitter these days... ^^
and I also agree with ur style of blogging i.e. post only when you have some thoughts re the materials, else it would become a database of videos/links/photos... no longer liezle's blog

have a nice weekend dears ^^

Anonymous said...

@ 1:24 PM,
it is not true that this is a leader / saeng / kyu biased site. there are undeniably more posts on leader, but this is only because leader gets more media exposure, not because liezle chooses to post more on leader and not the others. if the stuffs on the other boys are not available do you expect liezle to do part-time as a paparazzi and go create posts for you?
if you are only Baby-biased and do not wish to see stuffs about any of the other 4 boys maybe this is not the right place for you.

please do not be affected and do not be discouraged from sharing news about SS501 boys!
you are the site i visit daily because you give good up-to-date information, and most importantly you are not biased! you care all the 5 of them, which i really appreciate very much. though i have my biases, i am very interested to read updates on all 5 of them^^
this is one of the best SS501 blog around! i prefer this much to blogs dedicated to only 1 of them.