Friday, July 01, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng @ Beatles Code 06.30.11

Young Saeng was at Beatles Code today. While watching this cut from 's YT channel and I sensed that he's more confident now and at ease being alone in shows.

Check this video.


Anonymous said...

liezle,may I ask you something..?
any information that Hyun Joong will attend Beatles Code too like YS...?

I saw YS vid,.and in the end of video, I saw Hyun Joong ...

Will be it air?

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Saengie on TV. I always believe in him. Whenever he has to do something, he works hard and does it very well (even though it may not be his preferred job). I think he (and his fans!) benefits most from the solo activities as we got to see many sides of him which we don't have the chance before^^