Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Eng Subbed]Young Saeng in KBS World Beyond Radio

Thank you so much to one Anonymous visitor who left a comment on my previous post and tip us about this long radio interview of Young Saeng in KBS World Beyond Radio. Thank you so much to for the upload in YT and English subs.

K-Pop is also getting its way to some Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Actually Hallyu Wave if I am not mistaken started in the middle east in 2008 (via Winter Sonata) and intensified because of the boom of K-Pop.

Back in March Hyung Jun was interviewed in KBS Beyond Radio to greet the fans in the Arab countries. Just recently (not sure when the exact date) Young Saeng also guested. Do check this video with English subs and listen to Young Saeng talking a lot and enjoy the interview so much. It's so rare that we see him like this.

Very interesting, yah? I really wish that Young Saeng can go to an Arab country and bring happiness to many TS Fans. Please do support him, K? He needs many fans from Arab countries for him to be able to pursue this plan as well to give you happiness.


kelly said...

It is indeed a rare type of interview he did. He and his 5000 fans :-) It will be interesting if he actually go to the Arabian countries for fan meeting or concert. He sounds so serious about it.


Anonymous said...

thank u liezle,, i didn't know how to send the link ,just posted it and hoped u will see it ^^

as far as i know there is more than 10,000 TS in hyung jun fan club in KSA only other than the un registered fans AND ALL THE SS501 FANS,which is much more!


Anonymous said...

this interview is interesting and funny... YS very accommodating to Arab fans verbal request but was kind of evasive for some questions :)

if the Arab fans are really united and persistent with their efforts, YS may and can definitely hold a fan meeting or concert there.... provided that the Arab fans can be 100% ascertain that YS security and safety and his entourage are guaranteed