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[FanAccount] Jung Min's Fan Meeting in Shanghai 06.18.11

I was looking for fan account from the fan meeting of Jung Min in Shanghai and some kind soul took the time to translate this article posted on Baidu and emailed to me to share in my blog. Much thanks to lavender for doing this. Really really appreciate your kindness.

The fan account shared didn't have photos but since there were photos posted earlier from other sites/fora and Twitter I will be using those to decorate this fan account. Much thanks to all those who took photos and share whose name are shown in each photo. Much thanks as well to iamsom and MarsCharisma for tweeting.


[Trans] Fan Accoun : Jung Min Fan Meeting in Shanghai 06.18.11
Original in Chinese: from Kim Hyun Joong Baidu by SS501LuMInYu
English translation by lavender /

Omit the first part which they got the tickets and went to pray for Jungmin in a temple, got gifts for him as well.

When we were waiting for Jungmin, the rain got bigger. Mal, you are really god of rain. Afterwards we got everything ready and went to the fan meeting place. There were fans waiting already when we arrived, the ticket booth was open but didn’t start selling yet. The official souvenirs were rather expensive, so I just purchased mouse pad from the vendor, Y bought a Jungmin fan. After a while saw J from 501 dance group bringing a flower basket, we decided to get close to the group.

Getting bored standing around the corner of the parking lot, we thought it’s the parking lot and we could see him when he came. We found the pictures and wrote down the license plate number. Y and I were watching the cars and later we really saw, but the car didn’t come in and made a circle around the back. We were not be taken lightly and ran towards the opposite directions without umbrella. Yep, saw one lady holding an umbrella like waiting for someone’s car, then the car came, I was frozen, just stood by Mal’s car didn’t dare to get close. We stood by the car on each side, didn’t know what to do because couldn’t believe it was true. There were about only 7 fans who saw Jungmin getting off the car, we were lucky. Mal stayed in the car for a while, even moved seat inside when he was ready to get off. When his feet got outside and realized that boy’s really got long legs, same clothes as at the airport. We started screaming oppa when we saw him, but his steps were too big, 3 steps, he was inside, he waved to us before he got in, wakaka.

We ran to the parking lot right away, wanted to see the inside of Mal’s car, that hateful car of the bodyguards, Y even kicked that car, ha ha. We took pictures of Mal’s car and touched it too, (our behavior) is rather nauseating. We also saw Mal’s driver, truth be told, driver oppa has good skin and is good looking too. We asked him what was Mal doing in the car, did he speak Chinese, he said he watching movie on the way here and he could speak Chinese too. Played game in the car on 6/17. After chatting for a while, we ran to the alley where Mal got off the car, took pictures of the door where he entered, We were kind of crazy this time, because the door was chained, we thought you could probably hear something by the door, really heard Mal singing a ballad, even though it wasn’t clear. One bodyguard came outside to discard cigarettes, we were scared and ran away. But he wasn’t too bad just said get away, the tone was OK. So we ran to another door to listen.

Almost time to get inside, so excited, couldn’t even express with language, you guys should know. The Taiwanese ticket agent said “Get poster first and tear off the ticket”, we laughed because tear off the ticket. Everything was perfect, because Y and I got to the front, among the first 10 getting in. Got Mal’s laser poster first, then the ticket was torn off, we were given VIP badge. Y found there was box for gifts, but it was brought inside already. Then a miracle happened, a female staff asked where it was for Mal’s to eat, we said yes, she said to bring it in, so we did, thanks to that female staff. After we found our seats and saw not that many fans came, we were at row 11 so we were thinking moving forward. Later moved and moved again, more people came before the show, we ended up sitting at row 7, not too bad.

FM basic process:
1. The big screen showed the title song “Not Alone” MV (but didn’t see Mal)
2. Sang “Cannot’ first (Mal was really trying hard, his neck veins popping)
3. First game, learn Not Alone dance (Earlier host asked Mal, which Shanghai dish impressed him the most? Mal answered “Lion’s head” (note: Shanghai style meat ball), are you missing your Hyungjoon?

4. Sang “Everyday is Christmas” (in the middle shook his butt, be careful someone would want to touch)

5. Second game, draw together with specified subject (3 fans as a group, 3 groups total: First group drawing: God of rain Jungmin, Mal drew his head under an umbrella, rain drops on the side. Second group drawing: Conversation between Jungmin and rabbit just as conversation between 2 rabbits, Mal wrote Chinese on the side of the rabbit he drew, Rabbit said “I love you”, Mal said “I love you too”. When the videographer wanted to shoot what he was writing, Mal blocked him to prevent him from shooting, ha ha so lovely. The third group drawing: Impression of Shanghai, Mal said every time for events he was either in the room or in the car, so he drew a car, with rain.

6. Show “Tears of happiness” MV on big screen.

7. Sang “Because of Love” + fans sang in Korean in return (Mal said was very surprised, sang very well)
8. Psychological test (Before start the host asked Jungmin where he believed or not, Mal said no, just do freely. Point is: he was reading the topic in Chinese, perfect pronunciation! The first topic was there were only 4 kinds of drinks in the coffee shop, which would you choose? Even asked the host what was Kungfu tea? At last chose Kungfu tea, and learned “I play”, after the answer was analyzed he felt it wasn’t very good, he changed to red tea and repeated “I am B”. The second topic was after the Mermaid rescued the prince, what did the prince say first when he woke up: Mal selected “Swim fast, I am so cold’; later the host asked him to say to a baby on the stage C “who are you? How come you don’t wear clothes?” At first Mal didn’t know the meaning, later was shocked to hear not wearing clothes, said “omo”, and even used hand to cover his mouth, so cute. After the answer was analyzed he changed his answer again, said I am very romantic, ha ha. You are always changing, picking the one which was good, it’s up to you.
9. Was presented cake with cute oppa dressing in Chinese traditional costume (Jungmin was murmuring “Jungmin doesn’t have hairs”, and touched his own hair to prove that he has hair, ha ha, oppa you don’t have to touch we know you have hair. The cake was still on stage when he was ready to sing, the host and the interpreter left already, you didn’t know what to do just staring at the cake, who is going to take it away. Later when the staff came out, you touched the cake again, eyes full of surprise and happiness. After the cake was taken away, you still stood there shyly, like a little daughter-in-law, ha ha)
10. Sang “do you know” (with first verse was smiling shyly, you were kind of shy that day)
11. Encore “Every day is Christmas” (after calling for Encore for a while, you came out, was smiling, heh, bad boy”

12. Group picture with 10 (saw your face closely when taking group picture, very small and refined, can’t stand it)

At last it was ended, Y and I took picture in front of the flower basket, remember bits and pieces of us and the 5 boys.


Anonymous said...

why did this fan keep writing his name as junmin? very annoying to read. how can someone who call themselves a fan get their idol's name wrong *shakes head*

liezle said...

Sorry 3:58 that was my fault I should have corrected it first before posting.

The one who translated did a good job (jm is not her bias) and she just translated this bec I think she read my previous post asking for it and i am thankful for what she did.


Anonymous said...

thanks much for the long transaltion and thank you for posting/sharing

mal looks sexy as ever

Anonymous said...

thanks very much for the fanaccount, LuMInYu, and for the translation, lavender! really appreciate it!
(the spelling doesn't bother me, love the enthusiasm. ;)