Thursday, June 09, 2011

[FanCam] Kyu Jong Off to Japan by Jejari

Much thanks once again to Shirbo for tweeting the link to her YT channel for us to watch Kyu Jong at Gimpo taken by Jejari yesterday.

Here's what xiaochu tweeted to explain the cute scene between Kyu Jong and his manager.

"U know the set of photos posted in hestory where Kyu was holding hands with manager? The story behind is that the fans were moving in the direction they are moving, then the manager suddenly grab kyu's hand and walked the opposite direction so all the fans there screamed 'don't do this'. And they laughed mischievously and walked back the right direction. Then at that moment, Kyu grabbed manager and walked the opposite direction again! everyone was walking to the right direction already, everyone shouted 'no!' at that moment and they both laughed. Go see those photos and imagine this scenario! Aww my Kyu is so super cute!!!! "


white said...

hehe ^ ^
why did kyu do that to his manager so suddenly! so cute :)
maybe he doesn't wanna go to Japan(?) XD kk
miss him so much!

Anonymous said...

he is so playful wit the
i luv his peace sign to the cam..cute :)
thanks for sharing.
i miss this kind boy