Saturday, June 18, 2011

[FanCams] Young Saeng @ Music Core 06.18.11 by Madeleine

Here are fancams from today's Music Core courtesy of Madeleine uploaded all by (Madeleine's official uploader in YT) on YT.

Shy-like Young Saeng so cute on stage. His smile is priceless

Thanks to veggiedelight for the email on the links.


Anonymous said...

precious killer smile

Anonymous said...

LOL im just guessing bc i dont rly know korean but...this vid is so funny!! they told him to say somethign - i think they said "mal chum hae" and he said "mal" (word/talking) lol a pun - and then they said "yigehae heo young saeng" (speak/talk) hahahhaa a synonym and then he smiled <3

idk what he said in the second vid tho