Sunday, June 05, 2011

[Full Vid] Running Man Ep 46

For those who failed to watch Running Mun earlier right after Inkigayo and for those who wants to watch it again here's your chance to watch it. Much thanks to for uploading the video on her YT channel. Thanks as well to iamsom for re-tweeting moleqre tweet.

Hyun Joong is so handsome and look so very well fit. Super eye candy. Haha is so clever. Too bad Kim Jong Kook is too strong for the two of them. ^_^

Here's preview for next week.


Anonymous said...

I hope someone will sub these videos and the upcoming ones that we're surely going to watch. More of Hyun Joong this week. YEZ.

To all the subbers out there, thank you. Thank You. Thank You. For someone who doesn't understand Korean, I am very glad you do all of this. You are the best! FIGHTING!

And also, thank you to you, Liezl! You never fail to update us the latest news about the boys, our boys.

Anonymous said...

seriously, it's so funny!!! RM jjang!!!

i cant stop laufing at e part where hjl fell (part 4). he said tat e fall was his comeback dance. hahahhaha!!! e thing is, he himself was laufing at his own fall. tat's so cute and funny!!!!

hjl, hwaiting!!
hjl, daebak!!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwww his voice sounds so cuuute !! i knew he hadnt changed - he is still our saem old leader <3 <3 <3 the way he talks in the beginning even reminds me of WGM hahhaha

A said...

aww, Watching vids like this makes me miss our SS501 vid past sooo much. (but, I guess time and change makes everything different :/)

It's nice to see Leader well rested and [seemingly] happy and fun.

(falls into nostalgia)

Anonymous said...

For me ,he looks well adjusted ,happy and yes,for the first time healthy doing his solo flight. Not that he did not have inroads into it but he knew back then he could always get back to his safety nets.

The difference between now and then was responsibility although he also assumed greater responsibilities now -to himself ,his companies and oh yes fulfilling his fans' expectations.

The road ahead is bumpy but I think he is going to be alright ,right warrior ? And don't forget getting there is only half of the challenge, the other half is enjoying the experience .

Anonymous said...

leader so adorable..his 4dness can be seen in this ep..eventhough i dont understand korean, i still laugh just by looking at their reactions and facial expression..