Thursday, June 02, 2011

[Info] Hyun Joong Schedule in June

Much thanks to Imane for shoving the following schedule where we can look forward to see Hyun Joong's appearances. Much thanks as well to whoever posted and consolidated this schedule on KHJ0606.

Hyun Joong Schedule
Lifted from KHJ06060

■ June 5
[TV] SBS Good Sunday - running man (18:40 ~)

■ June 6
♥ Kim Hyun Joong Birthday ♥

■ June 7
★ ★ 1st MINI ALBUM 'BREAKDOWN' online music and the M / V public ★ ★
[Show] 'BREAKDOWN' Showcase

■ June 8
★ ★ 1st MINI ALBUM 'BREAKDOWN' release ★ ★
[TV] MBC Golden Fishery (23:05 ~)

■ June 9
[TV] MNET Mcountdwon (18:00 ~)

■ June 10
[TV] KBS Music Bank (18:05 ~)

(liezle : no regular MuBank programming as KBS will air the recently concluded Dream Concert)

■ June 11
[TV] MBC Music Core (16:00 ~)

■ June 12
[TV] SBS Inkigayo (16:00 ~)
[TV] SBS Good Sunday -running man (18:40 ~)

■ June 13
[Radio] KBS 2FM raise the volume of Choi Kang-hee (20:00 ~)
[Radio] MBC FM Younha's Starry Night (22:05 ~)

■ June 14
[Radio] SBS Power FM Power Time (24:00 ~)
[Radio] KBS 2FM Denny's music show (16:00 ~)

(liezle : SBS Strong Heart should also be included here. ^^)

■ June 15
[Radio] KBS 2FM Super Junior KISS THE RADIO (22:00 ~)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see our beautiful KHJ in variety shows again! Miss you, Hyun Joong-ah! KHJ Hwaiting!

jc4lamb said...

hi liezle, the schedule of 8/6 should be MBC Golden Fishery!

liezle said...

hi jc4lamb! really? thanks! any idea when strong heart will be? i was told it's on the 12th but I didn't see it above.


jc4lamb said...

strong heart should be belongs to sbs and will scheduled on 14/6 23:05 (KST) as my knowledge!

Anonymous said...

yes, i heard strong heart will be on june 14th as well. and i also heard that hyun joong will not be on kbs music bank on the 10th because they will be broadcasting the dream concert that day. so he will be having his comeback stage for music bank the following week.

liezle said...

thanks jc4lamb and 10:41. so i was right in my first post then... 14th. ^^


Anonymous said...

yey!!! so happy!!! tnx for posting!!! coz we'll be in korea that week. i just hope we'll be able to enter music core or inkigayo.(fingers cross)

Anonymous said...

just so happy that the next couple of weeks I can see lots of Hyun Joong's activities on youtube.

Stephanie said...

Strong Heart is scheduled to air on 7th June ^^