Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Pix] Goong First Stage in Kyoto, Japan 06.11.11

Today the curtain rise for musical Goong in Kyoto, Japan and Kyu Jong had his first stage today. Brokore Goong website, these photos were posted there. thanks to iamsom for re-tweeting eednaka tweet.

reena29shadow and peacejerry are in Kyoto to watch the musical. After the 1st stage reena tweeted that:
  • at the end of the show, kyu jong came out to greet fans once again in Japanese(effort)
  • He said he's SS501 shiny shiny KJ, he's very nervous during e show n even after. now he's nt SS501 KJ, he's Goong Li Shin. pls support him
  • Kyu Jong more relaxed on the 2nd stage
  • 2nd stage Kyu Jong has a kiss scene ^_^
  • He's more relaxed on the 2nd stage
And peacejerry tweeted this:
  • in 2nd act, when they fall in love. kyu jong got more relax. So many funny parts along the show.
And here are more photos from Goong's website which I am shoving here since I only got to see them.

Love that long legs.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling he did really well @-)

zaza said...

I really want to see his performance. BTW, seriously, does anyone know if there's kissing scene in Goong?

liezle said...

Hi zaza. On the second stage according to reena29shadow there was a kissing scene. ^_^

At 7:45 according to reena's tweet, he looks kinda nervous during the 1st stage but still did well. 2nd stage he is more relaxed. and again did very very well.

sigh.. i hope there will be members of SS501 who will surprise him in Kyoto by watching him perform.


Masz said...

I really wish to see Kyujong perform. I believe he will do great.

I'm with you liezle, that there will be member(s) come and see him perform. I'll be more surprised if no one did.


sinthia said...

heeeee, finally this day come!! I'm so happy that he did well! I wish I could go to see him, anyway, thanks a lot for telling us about his first stage! ^^

Anonymous said...

wow! that LONG LEGS pose is EPIC!!!

Anonymous said...

hoping that vids will be shared... ive no doubt that Kyu can act... he can definitely :) for kissing, well, i like how he kisses :)

to echo the statements of other guests, i am hoping earnestly that the other members can attend and watch his musical... it will be a big boost of confidence for him, our shy Kyu