Monday, June 20, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min's Departure & Arrival @ Gimpo by

Jung Min left for Shanghai on the 16th of June for fan meeting on the 18th. The day before that he had interview for radio and photo shoot for Easy Magazine. Last night Jung Min returned to Korea to get ready for another set of activities. He soon will be leaving for Taiwan but not really sure when. But we will certainly see him again on the 26th for the JN fan signing event in Seoul.

Jung Min was greeted by fans last night when he returned from Shanghai. Before I post photos of his arrival from, let me share first the photos of his departure to Shanghai from the shutter of p-jungmin. After the set of photos of Jung Min leaving what will follow are his photos when he arrived last night. Thanks much once again for p-jungmin for sharing and for always taking photos of Jung Min.

Jung Min's departure to Shanghai 06.16.11

Jung Min's arrival from Shanghai 06.19.11


Bee said...

wow wuri Jung Min with ALL BLACK?...
i like that!!!

Anonymous said...

jungmin in all black looks like a catwalk model!

Anonymous said...

JungMin looks so handsome.
Does anyone know where I can get more information about his Seoul fansigning?

liezle said...

Hi! The winners for this fan signing has already been drawn. The signing will be on the 26th of June. You may try to visit JN homepage to know the location of the event though and try your luck to see JM (


Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle!
The location is TBA, i'll keep checking until they post it.

So annoying at all these drawings were before I got to Seoul. I hope there will be more.